The Mitey Battle Continues with new Vegemite Radio Ad Launched in the UK via Thinkerbell


The latest turn in the Vegemite – Marmite global battle for spreads pride has been revealed via Thinkerbell.


During the third test whilst those who love it are putting Marmite on their toast (we presume those who hate it will have something else) the English will hear a rousing radio ad gently reminding them why Australia will win the Ashes.


Says Matt Gray, senior marketing manager, Vegemite: “We are increasingly disturbed by Marmite’s insistence they won’t be tampering with their Marmite. If people love or hate it then surely they can do what we’ve done and find a taste that unites the country. We don’t want to mention Brexit or a parliament divided, but we think they are a manifestation of a country disjointed.

“You see Vegemite unifies. Vegemite Tastes Like Australia and that’s why we all love it. And if we are all united around our taste for Vegemite well it just follows seamlessly that invariably we’ll win the ashes.”