The Incredible Production Collective (The IPC) ‘Your Project Your Way’

The Incredible Production Collective (The IPC) ‘Your Project Your Way’

(Pictured L-R: Stephen Sinclair, Liz Biega, Helen Doick, Sam Allison)

IPC has a vision for the future of production.


The IPC is re-writing how production houses work: ‘Your Project Your Way’ gives agencies, clients, creatives and the artists themselves the flexibility to work in a way that best suits their individual needs. Put simply The IPC can meet all of your production needs and offers a tailored solution for any project.

There is a growing demand for more flexible options when accessing directing talent, photographers and content makers in one easy space. So The IPC developed a model to answer the multiplicity of agency / client / artist job set-ups. Launching ‘Your Project Your Way’, with a newly developed website with easier tools to use. The newly launched site enables agencies and brands to search for freelance talent on their terms, in one easy place, with clients finding the most flexible integrated production service in the region, helping solve their issues of cost, time, creative and brand continuity with one single integrated supplier. The new IPC website is easy to use, with an easy directory for artists search. Clients can chat directly to the artist without the production house via their profile or chat to a producer to have everything managed for you.

Says Helen Doick, co-founder and executive producer, IPC: “ I’ve had countless conversations with agency producers, creative, directors, photographers and marketing directors whom all had varying issues when making their campaigns or artists wanting to work on projects freely without being hindered by traditional rules. We initially developed the IPC model to break away from traditional constraints. The launch of our improved site with: ‘Your Project Your Way’, is absolutely is just that. Look for the right freelance artist, contact them or one of the producers and get the brief solved in the best way to suit your need, it’s the most flexible approach that suits everyone involved. The overriding benefit is definitely for the artists who can gain the Production House support, without being tied. We also have a members segment for creative and clients: TIP C talks, which shares on demand articles, news, podcasts and round the table films – The Lock In, with insider insights to inspire your work.”

Adds Sam Allison, co-founder and executive producer, IPC: “We embrace a new model of production and acknowledge that one size doesn’t fit all and we believe this approach can work well for all parties. Our approach is simple we work closely with the agency and client to put the best team together for the job. We thrive on the challenge and we are committed to delivering the best solutions, no matter how big or small the project. Access to our unique network means our clients can manage all mediums under one roof, maximising creative results whilst adhering to budget. But our best work often starts with a client looking for confidential, trustworthy advice… so get in touch.”

IPC is a full service production company and independent artist directory enabling you to make ‘Your Project Your Way’.

A production company for agencies, clients and artists to create TVCs, content and stills projects, no matter what their set up or need. IPC connects clients to the best freelancer, freelancers to client and all connoting to a high-end creative production service for any format.

Work with our curated collective of artists, with or without our production support. Giving you the freedom to put together the perfect team for your project.

You + IPC + Artists OR IPC + Artists OR You + Artists = it’s that simple.

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