THE IMPOSTEROUS: Vicki Maguire and Josy Paul. Resigning from adulthood, learning from the worst and making friends with rejection

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THE IMPOSTEROUS: Vicki Maguire and Josy Paul. Resigning from adulthood, learning from the worst and making friends with rejection

This week’s double episode sees the Imposterous Vicki Maguire (Chief Creative Officer, Havas London) more comfortable than ever with not fitting in and the Imposterous Josy Paul (Chairman and CCO BBDO India) dishing out a masterclass in the business of hope.


Vicki Maguire has never been interested in belonging. She’s more concerned with doing the right thing by her crew, her work and her talent. That means being connected to the conversations in the dark corners of the room and accommodating the bright young things who’d normally be missed because they didn’t go to the right school or drink at the right club. There’s no hiding the generosity, talent and enthusiasm Vicki has for the business. Her desire to bring diversity to advertising is as clear as her rage against the pale, stale and male.

Josy Paul finds freedom in places many of us feel trapped. He seeks out the revealing discussions that unravel and expose the traditions and customs that restrict us. His work is anti-establishment and is a repayment for the gifts culture gives. Josy describes himself as a trainee in the business of hope and by all reports the apprenticeship is going quite well. Hall of Fame inductee in the Advertising Club Calcutta, multiple Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner and founder of David.

With a new episode every Wednesday, The Imposterous is hosted by Michael Knox (ECD, Roller) and Graham Drew (CCO, Grey Malaysia) and as has been created to explore the theory that even the world’s most respected creative professionals suffer pangs of inadequacy that either stifle their potential brilliance or protect them from mediocrity. Tune in to find out how Imposter Syndrome might just be your superpower, if you let it.

Vicki Maguire’s promising career in fashion design was cut short when it was discovered she couldn’t draw. Encouraged by her mentor Paul Smith to write her ideas down instead, Vicki soon found her way into the world of advertising. Vicki joined Grey London in 2009, creating campaigns for clients including British Heart Foundation, Lucozade and Marks & Spencer. She is now Chief Creative Officer at Havas London. Vicki is also a vocal champion of diversity and helped establish the Creative Circle Foundation, supporting people from diverse backgrounds wanting to get into advertising. The IPA has named Vicki one of advertising’s Women of Tomorrow, Business Insider voted her one of the 10 most influential women in advertising. In 2016 she took the Chairmanship of the Creative Circle Awards – becoming the first female chair in history – as well as a judge of the Cannes Glass Lions.

In 2008 Josy Paul started BBDO India from the backseat of his car. In 2016, he was named Creative Agency Head of The Year by the Indian Advertising Association. Josy is among the most influential people in Indian advertising – according to The Economic Times. Campaign Magazine awarded him Creative Person of the Year for India and South Asia multiple times. Josy and his team won the inaugural Glass Lion Grand Prix at Cannes in 2015 for Whisper’s ‘Touch The Pickle’. They also won the Cannes Lion Gold in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Ariel ‘Share The Load’ – ranked as the world’s most effective campaign by WARC twice in a row. In 2000, Josy set up the challenger agency ‘David’ for Ogilvy in India. It was the first David office in the network. To this day Josy has remained a challenger whose work has changed culture and built highly effective world famous brands.



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THE IMPOSTEROUS: Vicki Maguire and Josy Paul. Resigning from adulthood, learning from the worst and making friends with rejection