The Grim Llama wants you to think ahead a bit in new Ergon Energy campaign via Clems Brisbane


Ergon Llama online_1.jpgThis weekend, Ergon Energy is launching a behaviour change campaign via Clemenger BBDO Brisbane, asking regional Queenslanders to think ahead a bit around electricity.


It features the Grim Llama, a memorable trigger designed to bring safety top of mind when people are near potential hazards.

Ergon Llama online_2.jpgSo why a Llama? Well beyond being cuter than a basket full of puppies, Marianne Harvey, creative director at Clemenger BBDO Brisbane, explains that llamas are natural sentinels.


Says Harvey: “They’re used by sheep farmers to warn flocks of danger. Plus, those big, black eyes stare directly into your soul. Ergon Llama online_3.jpgHow could you forget a look like that?”

Vanessa Brennan, managing director at Clemenger BBDO, said the campaign is about translating strong safety awareness into actual behaviour change.


Says Brennan: “People have seen the safety messages for years, they know what to do, but they still fail to think ahead around electricity. The team at Ergon worked closely with our team to push beyond what has been done before and develop a campaign that would make consumers not only take notice, but more importantly, remember to take care.”


Ergon Energy marketing manager, Samantha Schultz added that the Grim Llama is about reminding people in the moment, without resorting to fear.


Says Schultz: “It’s easy to turn off to a scare campaign, but if you see something funny and likeable, it immediately draws you in to the story we’re trying to tell.


“We’re very excited about the end result – the Grim Llama has great cut-through. I already see him in my mind’s eye whenever I’m working around the house.”

The TV campaign was crafted by Ryan Renshaw through Made by Kiosk, with help from Alt VFX, Cutting Edge and Brightling Sound.

Client: Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy Marketing Manager: Samantha Schultz

Ergon Energy Marketing Specialist: Roslynne Mitchell

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Brisbane

Creative Directors: Marianne Harvey & Cristian Staal

Art Director: Terry Whidborne

Copywriter: Christie Meehan

Brand Strategist: Gay Chinchen

Account Director: Lisa Nobes

Account Manager: Patrice Dodd

Account Coordinator: Alexandra Pavlos

Agency Producer: Imogen Dick

TV Production: Made by Kiosk

Director: Ryan Renshaw

Producer: Sara Taghaode

Post Production: Alt VFX

Offline Editor: Matt Bennett

Colourist: Christine Trodd

Flame Compositor: Karen Fabling

Post Producer: Marnie Ellis

Music Composer: Brightling Sound

Sound Production: Cutting Edge Brisbane

Sound Designer: Ross Batten

Sound Producer: Dani Wheelhouse