The Field shows ‘Equality applies here’ in new brand work via The Core Agency

The Field shows ‘Equality applies here’ in new brand work via The Core Agency

The Field, a disability-inclusive job site, co-founded by Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott AO, has turned to The Core Agency for brand strategy, naming, tagline and visual identity.


There are approximately 4.4 million Australians who identify as having a physical or non-physical disability, and of those, 2.1 million are of working age with nearly half a million actively seeking work. Despite this, people with disability remain significantly underrepresented in the workforce.

Launched this month by Alcott and the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the Field is a platform where people with disability, recruiters and organisations can come together, providing equitable access to employment for people with disability.

The Field, in partnership with Sayers, engaged The Core Agency to develop the brand from scratch. The name represents the huge field of talent that are people with disability and reflects how the playing field is being levelled, with a new job site that values what people can do, rather than what they can’t.

The Field shows ‘Equality applies here’ in new brand work via The Core Agency The Field shows ‘Equality applies here’ in new brand work via The Core Agency

Says Jon Skinner, founder and creative partner at The Core Agency: “Working with the team at the Field, we learnt that so many of the barriers people with disability endure are because society judges disability first. The agency is incredibly proud to have created this critically important brand that finally addresses the imbalance. It’s been our most significant branding project since we created the ‘Yes Equality’ brand and identity for the same sex marriage plebiscite.

“The project team on the Field wanted to defy conventions and break away from the category norms that tend to be apologetic and muted. The brand is bold, packs personality and is completely inclusive. The name we created for the Field and the Core Idea ‘Equality applies here’ says so much about their ambition and mission.”

Says Martin Alcott, co-founder and director from the Field: “In a field of job candidates, the odds are usually stacked against a jobseeker with disability. Job sites aren’t recognising people for their unique and individual strengths or allowing candidates to present themselves in the way they want, which is why we launched the Field. Working in collaboration with The Core Agency and Sayers, we developed a brand for people with disability by people with disability, which completely changes the way the disability community are represented – we’re thrilled with the result.”

Client: the Field
Founders: Dylan Alcott AO, Martin Alcott, Danielle Fraillon, Rhett Simonds
CEO: Selina Pickard
Manager, Content Delivery: Harriette Blanden
Stakeholder Engagement: Joel Sardi

Branding: The Core Agency
Founder & Creative Partners: Christian Finucane and Jon Skinner
Managing Partner: Rebecca Turner
Head of Strategy: Clare La Palombara
Head of Design: Nick Williams
Designer: Sophie Adams

Strategy: Sayers
Partner & Head of Brand Momentum: Justin Papps
Principal & Co-Founder, Brand Momentum: Genevieve Reynolds