The Athlete’s Foot partners with TikTok to launch ‘Katch the Kayanos’ campaign via Accent Group

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Win a pair of ASICS Gel-Kayano 28. Chase @sarahmagusara through your FYP

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To celebrate the launch of the new ASICS Gel-Kayano 28, leading footwear retailer, The Athlete’s Foot has partnered with TikTok to turn its For You Feed into a virtual running track – inviting Australians to ‘Katch the Kayanos’ by scrolling through their feed to catch a creator for the chance to win a pair of the new shoes.


This is the first time any Australian brand has built out sequential storytelling using multiple advertising formats on TikTok across the For You Feed.

The campaign has launched today with a TopView ad placement, with Australians able to participate in a virtual race through their own personalised For You Feed. Following the TopView ad, the race will be kick-started by TikTok lifestyle creator @sarahmagusara who will feature in engaging In-Feed placements, encouraging the TikTok community to race her through their For You Feed to catch her and the new Kayanos.


Win a pair of ASICS Gel-Kayano 28. Scroll to catch @sarahmagusara

♬ Promoted Music

As those on the platform scroll, their For You Feed will become a race track, with the different In-Feed ad placements acting as sign posts and taking them on an exciting journey to the finish line. The lucky few in our community to get to the final ad placement and catch Sarah and will have a chance to win a pair of the new ASICS Gel-Kayano 28!

As part of its overall creator-led approach to the campaign, The Athlete’s Foot also engaged TikTok creators @alexis_bree and @zaraliang to develop fun, organic content to go live following the For You Feed race, creating authentic feeling TikTok videos and increasing appeal. Each creator will put their unique spin on topics such as the benefits of the shoes and why Australians should purchase it from The Athlete’s Foot. TikTok’s Creator Solutions team was engaged for this activity to help onboard and manage the creators.

Following the race, The Athlete’s Foot will also be running in-feed ads spotlighting the ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 shoes and showcasing the company’s broader range of products.

Says Deena Colman, general manager marketing and group creative, Athlete’s Foot: “We’re always looking at innovative ways to deliver our key marketing campaigns, and given the unique storytelling opportunity presented by TikTok we were instantly on board with the idea to build a bespoke campaign for the launch of the Asics Gel-Kayano 28 at The Athlete’s Foot. Underpinning the concept are some incredibly talented creators and we’re excited about the co-creation opportunity this opens up and their ability to speak authentically and directly to the TikTok community.”

Says Brett Armstrong, general manager of global business solutions, Australia and New Zealand, TikTok: “What makes this campaign special is that it leverages TikTok’s participatory culture and our ability to creatively tell stories in advertising by encouraging the community to race creators across our For You Page. It’s clear from this partnership that The Athlete’s Foot really understand the power of TikTok in connecting with diverse audiences in an innovative and fun way.”

The Athlete’s Foot joins retail brands including Big W, Officeworks, eBay and Bonds, who’ve partnered with TikTok to run creative campaigns for Australian audiences.

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