The Athlete’s Foot launches new online game Fitopia on Roblox via LeapFrogger

The Athlete’s Foot launches new online game Fitopia on Roblox via LeapFrogger

The Athlete’s Foot is the first Australian retailer to launch a game on Roblox with the reveal of new world – Fitopia. The free online game will underpin The Athlete’s Foot’s Back to School campaign, encouraging kids to achieve things they never thought possible.


Fitopia has been created by digital agency, LeapFrogger and conceptualised by its LF studio team.

Fitopia brings the best parts of going back to school to life in a fun and educational way, giving every kid the opportunity to win on day one. The game will feature three unique worlds where kids can connect, play and share through engaging recreations of the classroom and schoolyard environment.

The world of Fitopia is a land of giant scale with distorted oversized school and schoolyard objects and activities. The first game will see players in an oversized classroom environment, full of brain twisters and puzzles designed to challenge logic and creativity. The second game will focus on simulation and sports, bringing back classic schoolyard contests with more familiar after school sports – think soccer and trampolines. The third game is a fast-tracked ticket to school camp, with adventure obstacle courses inspired by The Athlete’s Foot 3D Fit experience.

At the centre of it all will be the game lobby, a virtual recreation of The Athlete’s Foot store, where kids can collect TAF-Coins and earn powerups as well a school, jungle gym, zipline, sandpit, a train, waterslide in all the oversized “FItopian” style.

Unique avatars will also feature throughout the game, which will be brought to life in the real world as key rings. The key ring will be redeemable as a gift with purchase in any of The Athlete’s Foot stores around the country and feature a unique code to unlock avatars.

The Athlete’s Foot launches new online game Fitopia on Roblox via LeapFrogger

Says Ian Taunton, general manager, The Athlete’s Foot Australia: “We are so excited to be the first Australian retailer to engage in the Roblox universe. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at The Athlete’s Foot, first with our exclusive in-store fitting technology and now in the metaverse. We hope to be able to bring a new experience that adds genuine value to our community, whilst also continuing to reinvent the retail experience in Australia.”

Says Dim Nedanovski, managing partner, LeapFrogger: “From concept to testing, this has been a fantastic project to be a part of with The Athlete’s Foot. The connection between the instore experience and the game has been very important to everyone involved and we feel the final execution does a great job of rewarding and challenging back-to-school kids – arguably the most important family members in most households.”

Fitopia will be available to download on Roblox from January 2023.