The Art Series Hotel’s latest project ‘The Overstay Checkout’ begins – ad industry folk welcome

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Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.31.57 AM.jpgThe Art Series Hotel’s latest project, the Overstay Checkout began yesterday.

The campaign, developed with Naked Communications, Melbourne offers guests of the Art Series Hotel the chance to overstay their welcome by hours, days, or even potentially weeks free. In essence you don’t have to check out, until the next person checks in. If no one checks in you’re able to keep staying in your room, for free.

The campaign works like this. Book and stay at the Art Series Hotel in Melbourne.  On the morning you’re due to check out ask if you can have an Overstay Checkout.  If no one is due to use your room you are free to stay. It could be til late that afternoon, early evening, or even another night – free. It just depends on when the hotel needs the room again. Guests cumulatively have already overstayed by eighteen nights and 56 hours.

With summer being the Art Series Hotel’s quiet season your chances of getting an Overstay Checkout are good.

Says Will Deague, Art Series CEO: “We are really excited about the Overstay Checkout. If you’re part of the advertising industry and looking for a break over summer please come and give it a crack.”

The offer closes Jan 13th 2013.