The Ambient Group unveils refurbished national outdoor advertising platform the ‘Street Poster’ network – available for mainstream brands

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2.jpgThe Ambient Group, out-of-home urban media provider, is unveiling their refurbished national outdoor advertising platform this week. The ‘Street Poster’ network, a medium that has traditionally been inhabited by arts and entertainment advertisers, has now become a place for mainstream brands.


The company has made significant investment in making these media sites resemble billboards. The upgrades include framing the sites, implementing a robust graffiti management plan and most importantly, making this form of advertising an accountable means of promotion. This will include access for media buyers via the cloud base management system Site Tour.

1.jpgThe general concern of advertisers when considering street posters, is usually the mediums inability to paint their product in a favourable light. After heavily resourcing a brand, marketers have been reluctant to see the brand expressed in an environment that is below par.


Mark Fishwick, managing director believes that street media has lagged Ambient Rail Posters Raid.jpgbehind mainstream outdoor because providers have all claimed the same rights to temporary hoardings or abandoned space to post their advertisers.


Says Fishwick: “We’ve made this investment to give our product the advertiser expectation. We are seeing corporate support from brands wishing to communicate at street level across a wide variety of environments but expect accountability and presentation to their brand.”


As one of the original forms of outdoor media in Australia, the medium is gaining credibility and is becoming a choice for some of the countries biggest campaigns. Recent campaigns that have supported the format include SPC Bean Bar, SC Johnson Raid, Foxtel, CUB, Streets Drumstick and Adidas Originals.


Ambient has been a provider of this type of infrastructure since 2000, offering a platform that impacts the hard to reach, commuters, and younger consumers.


Ambient partners with national providers including those controlling the extensive NSW and VIC rail networks. With over 8000 two-sheet poster sites nationally, Fishwick believes this form of advertising is pushing the boundaries for through-the-line campaigns.