The 2016 Australian Directors Guild Awards reveals nominees; winners announced May 6

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fae2104e-1c16-4ea8-b223-575844de1906.jpgIn a year when gender equality is a focus of the Australian screen industry more than a third of nominees in the 2016 Australian Directors Guild Awards are women. Two of the four nominees in the Best Direction in a Feature Film category are women and all five films in the Best Documentary Feature category were directed or co-directed by female filmmakers.

The ADG announced all nominations for the 2016 Awards this morning. The prestigious awards celebrate the outstanding work of Australian screen directors over the past year and the winners will be announced at a ceremony in Melbourne on Friday 6 May.

The Australian Directors Guild was thrilled to receive more entries for 2016 than ever before and this year’s awards will be presented across 16 categories including film, television, animation, multiplatform, music and advertising. This year’s judges noted that entries in the categories of Best Student Film and Best Short Film have been particularly strong and encouragingly three of the four Student nominations and three of the five Short Film nominees are female.

The nominees for Best Direction in a Feature Film are Sue Brooks for Looking for Grace, Jocelyn Moorhouse for The Dressmaker and Bentley Dean & Martin Butler for Tanna. This year there are five nominations for Best Feature Documentary and four of the five features were directed or co-directed by female filmmakers. They are Nick Bird & Eleanor Sharpe for Remembering The Man, Jennifer Peedom for Sherpa, Margot Nash for The Silences, Stefan Moore and Susan Lambert for Tyke Elephant Outlaw and Lisa Nicol for Wide Open Sky.

Nominations in all the TV categories indicate another solid year for television in Australia. TV Drama Series nominees are Emma Freeman for Glitch: Series 1, Ep1, Fiona Banks for The Dr. Blake Mysteries: Series 3, Ep3, Kevin Carlin for Wentworth: Series 3, Ep1, along with Jeffrey Walker forBanished: Series 1, Ep7 and Shawn Seet for Love Child: Series 2, Ep 3, both 2015 Award winners.

Shawn Seet receives a second nomination in the TV Mini Series category for his work on Peter Allen – Not The Boy Next Door (Ep1). He is nominated alongside Michael Rymer for Deadline Gallipoli (Ep1), Peter Salmon for The Beautiful Lie (Ep6) and Kriv Stenders for The Principal (Ep1).

House of Hancock, Mary – The Making of a Princess and Redfern Now – Promise Me are all nominated in the Telemovie category for Mark Joffe, Jennifer Leacey and Rachel Perkins respectively.

The ADG Awards present three awards to Documentary Directors. In addition to Best Feature Documentary there is Documentary Series and Documentary Stand Alone. Nominees for a Documentary Series are Ivan O’Mahoney (Hitting Home Ep1), Cian O’Clery (Changing Minds: The Inside Story, Series 2, Ep2), Madeleine Parry (The Maddie Parry Series, Ep2 Brothel Hostess) and Sally Aitken (The Great Australian Race Riot, Ep1).

The Documentary Stand Alone nominations go to Sophie Wiesner (Call Me Dad), David Mason (Cast from the Storm), Sally Aitken (Getting Frank Gehry), Jane Manning (Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation), and Darlene Johnson (The Redfern Story).

The winners will be announced at the ADG Awards on Friday 6 May at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. This year’s event will be hosted by Nazeem Hussain.

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Complete list of the 2016 ADG Awards nominees:



Husein Alicajic – Officeworks: Let Their Amazing Out

Tim Bullock – Volkswagen: Bear

Nicholas Carlton – beyondblue:  Preventing Youth Suicide

Michael Spiccia – Taco Bell: Routine Republic

Peter Carstairs – Ultrasound



Peter Carstairs & Curtis Hill – Hallelujah (The Rubens)

Nash Edgerton – The Night We Called It A Day (Bob Dylan)

Aaron McCann – Cold Sober feat. Empty (Mathas Stone)



Darcy Prendergast – Come Alive

Luke Jurevicius – The New Adventures of Figaro Pho: Time Travellers

Damian Smith – Little Darling (Director’s Cut)

Del Kathryn Barton & Brendan Fletcher – Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose



Kacie Anning – Fragments of Friday / S2

Shaun Wilson – Noirhouse / S2

Nathan Earl – Plonk

Julietta Boscolo – Department of Justice Victoria: Barbie

Christopher Nelius – Andy Hensel – Unstoppable


Geoffrey Nottage – Home & Away / Ep 6176

David Gould – Home & Away / Ep 6341



Rachel Anderson – Little Kingdom

Dongmei Li – The Corn is Flowering

Simon Trevorrow – There’s a Bluebird in my Heart

Eugenie Muggleton – Twenty Forty Three



Darlene Johnson – Bluey

Jack Sheridan – Injury Time

Corrie Chen – Reg Makes Contact

Matthew Richards – The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Brooke Goldfinch – Red Rover



Dena Curtis – 8MMM Aboriginal Radio – Episode 2

Craig Melville – Maximum Choppage / Ep 4

Jonathan Brough – Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane / Ep 1

Sian Davies – The Ex PM / Ep 2



Jeffrey Walker – Banished / S1, Ep7

Shawn Seet – Love Child / S2, Ep3

Emma Freeman – Glitch / S1, Ep1

Fiona Banks – The Dr. Blake Mysteries / S3, Ep3

Kevin Carlin – Wentworth / S3, Ep1



Sophie Wiesner – Call Me Dad

David Mason – Cast from the Storm (TV version)

Sally Aitken – Getting Frank Gehry

Jane Manning – Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation

Darlene Johnson – The Redfern Story



Daina Reid – Ready For This / Ep4

Ian Reiser – Little Lunch: The Grandparents Day

Tony Krawitz – Ready For This / Ep13

Evan Clarry – Mako: Island of
Secrets (AKA: Mermaids) / S2, Ep11



Ivan O’Mahoney – Hitting Home / Ep 1

Cian O’Clery – Changing Minds – The Inside Story / S2, Ep2

Madeleine Parry – The Maddie Parry Series / Ep 2

Sally Aitken – The Great Australian Race Riot / Ep 1



Michael Rymer – Deadline Gallipoli / Ep 1

Peter Salmon – The Beautiful Lie / Ep 6

Kriv Stenders – The Principal / Ep 1

Shawn Seet – Peter Allen – Not The Boy Next Door / Ep 1



Margot Nash – The Silences

Jennifer Peedom – Sherpa

Stefan Moore & Susan Lambert – Tyke Elephant Outlaw

Nick Bird & Eleanor Sharpe – Remembering The Man

Lisa Nicol – Wide Open Sky



Mark Joffe – House of Hancock

Jennifer Leacey – Mary – The Making of a Princess

Rachel Perkins – Redfern Now: Promise Me



Bentley Dean & Martin Butler – Tanna

Sue Brooks – Looking For Grace

Jocelyn Moorhouse – The Dressmaker

Jeremy Sims – Last Cab To Darwin