Thank your lucky stars: RMIT Pitch Night to return virtually on Thursday 14 October

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It’s been a turbulent time for Melbourne, cycling through lockdown after dreaded lockdown. Yet with all the uncertainty that’s going around, one thing’s for certain – Pitch Night will return on Thursday 14 October hosted online through HopIn.


To commemorate the event, RMIT has even bought its own star – Pitch Night, which can be seen shining in the night sky during October from the comfort of your own home (check out its Insta for the constellation map and see if you can spot Pitch Night!)

Hosted online through HopIn, virtual attendees have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the future stars of advertising in a speed dating-style event. Alongside the traditional one-on-one interviews, it has added more features than have ever been seen before. Attendees will get to see who RMIT’s advertising stars are past their portfolios with some exciting games to break the ice, or meet the most unique and unexpected talents through our chat roulette segments.

Tickets are now available for purchase here or via the RMIT Pitch Night’s website at:

There’s no better chance to get up close and personal with the stars of RMIT!

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