Tequila\Australia set to rebrand as TBWA\Digital Arts Network to create formal global structure

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Cecile Ferre.jpgFollowing the worldwide unification of TBWAʼs digital operations, TEQUILA\Australia announced today that the agency is set to rebrand to TBWA\Digital Arts Network (DAN).

Digital Arts Network is the unification of TBWAʼs proven digital talent, encompassing over 700 digital specialists within the network and initially rolling out in 18 markets, a global network footprint to rival any pure-play digital shop. The formation of TBWA\DAN creates a formal global structure for how TBWA approaches digital and integration, rooted in TBWAʼs Media Arts philosophy that everything between a brand and an audience is media and that, increasingly, those touch points are digital.

Digital Arts Network will provide TBWA extensive competencies from creative technology and UX through social media and mobile to content, IP, search and analytics. DAN also includes specialist labs that will serve as centers of excellence in each area of expertise. Clients will get access to the best of local and global talent, best-of-breed specialists, resources and IP through one local entry point.

Whybin\TBWA Australia Groupʼs digital capabilities are amongst the strongest in TBWAʼs international network. TEQUILA\Australia has delivered strong results over the last 12 months, reaching second place this year in AdNews Digital Agency rankings and gaining widespread industry recognition for the effectiveness of its digital work (including its multi-award-winning Pedigree ʻDog-a-Likeʼ mobile application which won AdNews Digital Campaign Of The Year in 2011).

The Sydney agency intends to make the most of its access to global talent and resources.

Says Cecile Ferre (above, left), general manager: “This is a very positive story for all of us. By allowing us to tap into digital specialist talent, competencies and IP across multiple markets, DAN simply makes each of our individual markets stronger.”

Kimberlee_Wells_BW.jpgSays Kimberlee Wells (left), Melbourne-based DAN head of digital and engagement: “Clients are increasingly looking for multi-discipline agency partnerships. From a digital sense, this has been difficult due to the breadth of the channel and associated costs in servicing clientsʼ needs, but DAN changes this by providing world class talent and multiple specialisms, all under one roof.”

Says Scott Whybin, Whybin\TBWA Group chairman and regional executive creative director: “It’s an incredibly exciting time for Whybin\TBWA and our clients alike. DAN will be a huge asset in making what we already do, that much more powerful.”

Globally, DAN will be led by president Charles Clapshaw, and worldwide executive creative director David Lee, reporting to Tom Carroll president and CEO of TBWA Worldwide.

Global DAN operations are headquartered in New York. Network-wide, DAN will initially roll out in markets that include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, greater China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Follow DAN on Twitter at @TBWADAN.