Tegel gets heads bobbing in free-range chicken platform ‘Free Feels Good’ via Dentsu Aotearoa


Tegel is going free-range. As an iconic national favourite and New Zealand’s largest poultry provider, this is clucking big news. To celebrate Tegel has launched a new campaign via dentsu Aotearoa to spread the news that Tegel is raising the bar for Poultry in NZ.


Says Angela Irwin, general manager marketing and communications at Tegel Foods: “We’ve been transitioning our retail products to free range since 2022, with the goal that by 2025 Kiwis can pick up any Tegel product in the supermarket knowing they’re making a choice they can feel good about.”

Says Nick Gallagher, group account director at dentsu: “The free-range category skews towards rolling hills and animal welfare, but we wanted to focus on how freedom makes us feel. Living with freedom isn’t just something we want for ourselves, we want it for animals too.”

During the creative process it was discovered chickens can only bob their heads when they’re free to walk around – and humans also bob their heads when they’re feeling freedom vibes.

Tegel gets heads bobbing in free-range chicken platform ‘Free Feels Good’ via Dentsu Aotearoa

dentsu creative directors Brad Stratton and Hayley Marks used this simple insight to form the basis of the campaign: “We loved the fact humans and chickens both bob their heads when they’re feeling free. Dramatising that mutual movement seemed a good way to remind people how good freedom feels.”

The campaign launched 21 April and celebrates the little moments in our day when it feels head-bobbingly good to be free – heading home from work at the end of a long day, heading out to the playground for lunch and leaving home to go to flatting.

More product focused 15”s will rollout throughout the year.

Client: Tegel Foods
Creative & Media: dentsu Aotearoa
Director: Ric Cantor
Production Company: Scoundrel
Post Production: ToyBox
Music & Licensing: Franklin Road