Symmetry Media launches new ‘Hearing Health Today’ podcast for Cochlear

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Symmetry Media launches new ‘Hearing Health Today’ podcast for Cochlear

Symmetry Media has launched ‘Hearing Health Today’ podcast for Cochlear.


Hosted by Cochlear aficionado, group product manager Craig Sharp, ‘Hearing Health Today’ is an educational and thought-provoking series for hearing health professionals that explores the key challenges, trends and opportunities in the delivery of hearing care now, and in the future.

Symmetry worked with Cochlear from the outset to develop the strategy, creative, production and distribution for the podcast, with recording commencing at the height of isolation in April.

Says Osher Fielder, producer: “The pandemic definitely created a unique set of challenges, however the podcast format was perfect for remote recording, which allowed us to create content safely and effectively.”

Says James Carr, EP: “Hearing loss is such an important issue in our society, especially with our ageing population, so it’s been great to hear from clinicians and industry experts to learn more about what’s happening in this space.”

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Client: Cochlear
Professional Marketing Manager: Olena Lyons
Host & Group Product Manager: Craig Sharp
Professional Marketing Project Manager: Heather Ottum
Production Company: Symmetry Media
EP: James Carr
Producer: Osher Fielder
Associate Producer: Rebecca Matthes
Director & Sound Engineer: Joel Håkanlind
NB: This podcast is intended for hearing health professionals. If you are a cochlear implant candidate or recipient, hard of hearing, or a member of the general public, please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss.