Sydney Water tackles plastic bottle pollution with Beat the Bottle initiative via Republic of Everyone


BTB 040318-1-11 (1).jpgSydney Water has launched its new ‘Beat the Bottle‘ initiative with two successful beach clean-up events, developed by creative sustainability agency Republic of Everyone.


The initiative tackles the issue of bottled water by connecting people with the impact of plastic waste on our waterways and beaches.

BTB 040318-1-19 (1).jpgAfter all when you see the problem, then help pick it up, you rethink buying the plastic to begin with.


Volunteers and members of the community were invited to meet at Manly Cove and North Beach, Wollongong to enjoy the beats of local DJs Purple Sneakers andBTB 040318-1-23 (1).jpg True Vibenation, plus percussionists Junkyard Beats, while cleaning up plastic pollution from the water and shores.


To further celebrate the clean-up efforts, up and coming Sydney musicians, Chaos Emerald from Haiku Hands and Jayteehazard have collaborated andBTB 040318-1-42 (1).jpg created a high-energy track called, “Come Clean”. Some lucky members of the community even received a limited edition vinyl, made of over 90% recycled marine debris, pressed with the track “Come Clean”. The vinyls were made by Vert design.


Says Jennifer Whittle, spokesperson at Sydney Water: “The easiest way to reduce plastic bottle pollution in our waterways and beaches is to simply not buy bottled water, in fact we have a great alternative on-tap. Every year, Sydney Water removes over one million plastic bottles from our waterways before they can get to beaches. Local residents and our communities are the key to the solution, and Beat the Bottle is a fun way to get involved in overcoming the problems of plastic waste and littering.”


Says Ben Peacock, founder, Republic of Everyone:,”Sustainability needs to be fun. The more fun we make it, the more people will get involved and that’s what Beat the Bottle is all about.”


Republic of Everyone and sister agency, The Bravery, worked with Sydney Water to create the concept for the initiative, build the brand, organise and deliver the events and get people to come along.


Following the two successful pilot events at Manly and Wollongong the initiative will be rolled out further in late 2018.