Sydney-based building company WISDOM launches new digital strategy with UnDigital

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Sydney-based building company WISDOM launches new digital strategy with UnDigital

Customer experience and digital marketing agency, UnDigital has partnered with WISDOM to consolidate its digital technology, streamline business processes and improve its user experience to drive website conversions and create cost efficiencies across the Wisdom Homes and Hoot Homes websites.


Coinciding with the launch of some rebrand activity, UnDigital created a unified user experience for WISDOM and deployed a robust website development strategy, including the creation of a new user experience design, user interface design and various integrations. Launching this across both websites and creating efficiencies in the website management has enabled WISDOM to save significant costs in website management as well as server infrastructure.

As part of the digital transformation project, UnDigital created a ‘build your home’ calculator, allowing users to estimate the costs of building their home. Coupled with the live chat capabilities and API integrations, this has enabled WISDOM to streamline processes, increase business efficiencies and excel at delivering a superior customer service and website experience.

Says Chantze Baker, head of marketing at WISDOM: “UnDigital has been able to develop and build a truly unique site for not only our customers but, within the Residential Home Building industry. By applying thought and logic to our customer journey, the user experience has become much more enjoyable and effective, we are seeing that first hand through the level of increase in both traffic and enquiry. We house a lot of detailed information on our website, from home plans to 3D virtual tours, so it can be ‘information overload’ for many however, UnDigital has delivered a clean and efficient site that has thus far, been very well received.”

Since the launch in September, WISDOM has experienced a 600 per cent surge in leads and a substantial increase in the quality of each lead in comparison to the previous website.

Says Chantze: “The launch of our new website has been phenomenal; the site is much easier to use and navigate, includes essential information and beautifully blends design with functionality. The increase in leads that we’ve experienced as a result of this really speaks for itself.”

Says Andrew Cornale, co-founder and digital experience director, UnDigital: “Wisdom Homes has a fantastic offering with a dedicated team of professionals. Digitally transforming their business to convey this message online has been an exciting and rewarding experience. We look forward to maintaining Wisdom Homes’ new website and working with them to enhance their digital marketing efforts and online presence.”