Suzuki offers Australians extra room with ‘Suzuki Architecture’ via Deloitte Digital


Responding to recent social distancing lockdown laws, Suzuki and Deloitte Digital have come up with a solution that repurposes vehicles as ready-to-install rooms to add to your home for additional space.


Suzuki Rooms repositions the benefits of cars at a time when Australians are driving less and staying home, often in a crowded or cramped environment.

In a product announcement by ‘Suzuki Architecture’, Suzuki Rooms not only provide a much-needed extra room but also boast an impressive number of built in features, from self-cleaning windows, 360-degree-views, air conditioning for feet and wardrobes for your glove collection.

As part of the For Fun’s Sake brand platform, the campaign also states that additionally these Suzuki Rooms require no council approvals or construction cost—you simply park them wherever you want a new room.

Says Charles Baylis, executive creative director, Deloitte Digital: “Suzuki are the leaders, and creators, of the whole carchitecture category. And as leaders it’s great to see them driving carchitecure forward with a whole raft of brilliant carchitechnological innovations.”

Says Daniel Mercuri, national marketing manager – automobile, Suzuki: “Our For Fun’s Sake brand platform gives us the freedom to have a good time and invite drivers along for the ride. This campaign is a tongue-in-cheek way to show the fun of Suzuki, even when you aren’t driving one. The world needs some fun right now, and this is the kind of message that only Suzuki could deliver.”

Says Michael Pachota, general manager – automobile, Suzuki: “It’s difficult to sell cars in a time of COVID. So, we’re not going to sell cars – we’re going to sell extra rooms.

“And the truth is these are excellent rooms: air conditioning, entertainment systems, comfortable chairs, north facing… south facing… west facing… east facing. In fact, however, you park it, it can have any aspect you want.”

The Suzuki Rooms campaign will be promoted across online video and display, social media and website.

Client: Suzuki Australia
Michael Pachota: General Manager, Automotive
Daniel Mercuri: National Marketing Manager – Automotive
Handsome Robert Rosengarten: Assistant Marketing Manager – Automotive
Daniel Sammut: Digital Marketing Coordinator – Automotive

Creative Consultancy: Deloitte Digital
Creative Brand & Advertising Partner: Adrian Mills
Chief Creative Officer & Partner: Matt Lawson
Executive Creative Director: Charles Baylis
Copywriter: Britton Upchurch
Motion Graphics: Jake Doherty
Designer: Kyle Lotherington
TV Producer: Marlese Sloan
Group Account Director: Daniel Loukidis
Account Manager: Natalie Ng

Sound Studio: Risk Sound
Sound Design: Dee Gjedsted
Producers: Brodie Mattner & Kate Gibson

Suzuki offers Australians extra room with ‘Suzuki Architecture’ via Deloitte Digital