Surf Life Saving Foundation asks people to leave a gift in their will in latest ‘The Keepers’ campaign via The Together Society

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The Together Society has launched more new work with the Surf Life Saving Foundation to inspire people to leave a bequest in their will to help keep surf lifesavers on our beaches.


The campaign called “The Keepers”, is delivered via a poem written by Kate Cantrell which talks to the humble heroism that the red and yellow guardians of our beaches display every day. They watch over us, and see danger long before we do, the spot tells us.

The moody spot which draws on ominous skies and less than ideal weather conditions reminds us that surf lifesavers remain at their post.

Says Priscilla Jeha of The Together Society: “The bequest fundraising opportunity for NFP’s is enormous and largely untapped; but the challenge is that the motivation to go ahead and add a charity to your will, needs to be incredibly strong. It’s a big commitment that people are making.

“The Keepers tells an emotive story about our surf lifesavers and their mission to have zero lost lives on their watch. As an Australian icon, we just assume they’ll always be on our beaches; but without fundraising, that just isn’t true.”

Says Kelsie Boucher, donor manager at Surf Life Saving Foundation: “The Keepers is a strong piece of emotional storytelling, drawing on the motivations and dedication of our surf lifesavers. The drowning statistics this past Summer prove that surf lifesavers are needed on our beaches more than ever.”

The campaign launches this week.

Agency – The Together Society
Poet – Kate Cantrell
Client – Surf Life Saving Foundation
Production – Boomtown Pictures