Sunday Gravy co-founder Jack White launches new advertising tech platform Cuttable

Sunday Gravy co-founder Jack White launches new advertising tech platform Cuttable

In a move set to shake-up the advertising industry, Sunday Gravy’s co-founder Jack White, ex-Swisse marketer Ed Ring, and tech entrepreneur Sam Kroonenburg, have joined forces to conceive ‘Cuttable’, a new tech platform which empowers businesses to produce high-quality, on-brand video and digital ads en masse at speed.


Using state-of-the-art technology and world leading developers, Cuttable claims to make good ads easy. The platform lets in-house employees with no tech background create entire campaigns in the same time that it takes to write a brief.

Says Sam Kroonenburg, co-founder and co-CEO, Cuttable: “With the number of deliverables exploding on media plans as mediums like connected TV, digital OOH, and programmatic display expand, plus Meta, YouTube, and TikTok all requiring an increased number of ads to maximise ROI, agencies are struggling to keep up with the demand, and clients are feeling the squeeze of the added pressure to budget. This is the perfect time to reinvent the model with technology, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this transformation with Cuttable.”

Beginning as a prototype within the creative confines of Sunday Gravy, Cuttable has quickly become a key player in the ad creation process, collaborating with some of Australia’s leading brands. Since its soft launch late last year, top marketers at, Nando’s, Medibank, Penfolds, Powershop, and DiDi have integrated Cuttable into their workflow, making ad creation quicker and more seamless with just a few clicks.

Having worked in advertising agencies for almost two decades, Cuttable co-founding CEO Jack White, saw first-hand the need for change: “Ads on social platforms have changed the industry but the model hasn’t kept up – and Cuttable hopes to fix this.

“The 24/7 nature of social media creates immense pressure for brands to stay ‘always on’ with contextually relevant, on-brand advertising. With static budgets, it’s nearly impossible to manually produce the vast number of ads required.

“Existing solutions often rely on generic tools that lack a true understanding of marketing, advertising, and brand design. Cuttable addresses this challenge by bringing together the best advertising and technical talent in the country to create automated advertising solutions.

“Today, we offer self-service, automated video and display ads with a quality usually reserved for brands that hire the industry’s top professionals to manually create their ads. But instead of taking weeks or months it can be created in minutes or seconds… It’s essentially craft at scale.”

The platform’s  key features include, designing videos specifically tailored for brands and various platforms, instantly turning product catalogues into video ads, repurposing existing content, creating ads at scale and publishing them directly.

To put it simply, Ring described Cuttable as a “creative force multiplier”.

But Cuttable hasn’t been developed to take the place of top creatives.

Says Ring: “We’re focusing on tasks that agencies usually don’t care so much about, enabling brands and their agencies to spend more time on the ‘hero’ creative and brand work, whilst unlocking new performance gains.”

Sunday Gravy co-founder Jack White launches new advertising tech platform Cuttable

Says Ant White (above right), co-founder of Sunday Gravy and creative director: “From an agency perspective, this marks an exciting time for creativity. A time where agencies can focus on creating impactful strategic campaigns, crafted by humans, that simply feed Cuttable. We’re hoping the financial savings that Cuttable can create will be reinvested into the brand, creating bigger opportunities moving forward.

“Cuttable allows brands the ability to do all of these tasks without having to go through so much pain and cost, so it gives them the ability to spend more time on the actual brand work and do things that cut through on a different level.”

Says Kroonenburg: “Cuttable represents a new frontier in advertising, where technology and creativity converge to deliver unparalleled results.”

Cuttable is already developing its next groundbreaking AI-powered feature, tentatively named “the brand brain.”

To learn more about how Cuttable can revolutionise your advertising approach, visit or contact Cuttable  at