Suncorp launches next iteration of its Resilience platform with new ‘If Your Home Could Talk’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia


Suncorp Insurance and Leo Burnett have launched a new chapter of their Resilience platform with ‘If your home could talk’, a campaign that focuses on South East Queenslanders and how they can think differently to protect their homes from extreme weather events.


Queenslanders are currently more comfortable with recovery after a natural disaster, instead of building resilience into their homes prior. Leo Burnett’s challenge was to disrupt how people view the category, and to show them that resilience is the most valuable thing an insurer can offer.

People love their homes like an extra member of the family. But this important family member has no voice, so how would it ask for help if it needed it? The first phase of the campaign focuses on people’s home, family and all of the domestic challenges through the eyes of the house and celebrates the intimate connection that exists between people and their homes.

Says Mim Haysom, EGM brand and marketing, Suncorp: “We love our homes because they form such a large part of our life experiences, and they protect us. In return, we must protect them. Whilst South East Queenslanders are alert to the danger of bigger, more impactful weather events, we needed to get them to start changing their behaviour to prepare rather than just react.”

Suncorp launches next iteration of its Resilience platform with new ‘If Your Home Could Talk’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia

Suncorp first launched the Resilience platform with One House, which challenged Queenslanders to think differently about how they viewed the resilience of their homes in a world of increasing extreme weather events and the devastating impact they have on people’s homes by showing what a truly resilient home could look like.

Last year, the insurer wanted to show Queenslanders what the practice of Resilience looked like by introducing Resilience Rd, where it demonstrated what Resilience renovations homeowners should be considering by focusing on upgrading a single street in Rockhampton.

Adds Haysom: “At Suncorp, we have committed to Resilience as a long term platform as the basis for our business with bespoke product features and by leading the conversation with governments, partners, academics, industry, emergency services and community groups.”

Suncorp launches next iteration of its Resilience platform with new ‘If Your Home Could Talk’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia

Says Andy Fergusson, executive creative director, Leo Burnett: “We’re thrilled to launch the latest chapter in the ‘Resilience’ journey for Suncorp. Sitting alongside previous brand acts like ‘One House’ and ‘Resilience Rd’.

“We believe that our homes are one of the most important characters in our lives. They silently share our most joyous and intimate moments. But that silence means we often take them for granted, neglecting our home’s needs in the face of the ever-worsening effects of climate change. We hope this campaign will challenge Australians to think differently about the role homes play in their lives.”

The campaign will run in Queensland across broadcast, outdoor, social and digital and includes an updated version of the Resilience Hub, a place where people can go to learn more about resilience. This campaign will continue to be rolled out over the coming months, with product stories, retail and a digital utility.

To view the website hub visit:

Suncorp launches next iteration of its Resilience platform with new ‘If Your Home Could Talk’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia

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