Suncorp Insurance launches ‘Resilience Road’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia


Suncorp Insurance and Leo Burnett have taken the data and insights from last year’s innovative and successful One House and applied them to their newest project, Resilience Road.


Choosing five houses in the same street in one of Australia’s most disaster-prone towns, the project demonstrates and educates how resilient thinking can help save your home from the impact of ever increasing climate events.

Suncorp selected a street in Rockhampton, and focused on assessing the homes of five neighbouring Queensland families, to bring to life how you could make resilience your next renovation. Suncorp’s ambition is to now share the learnings and application from Resilience Road with all Australians.

Says Mim Haysom, EGM brand and marketing, Suncorp: “When we created One House, our ambition was to partner with leading resilience experts CSIRO and James Cook University, to understand and identify how we could better design homes to be capable of surviving cyclones, storms, fire and floods. Following on from the success of One House, we created Resilience Road with the intention of taking the elements of our One House prototype into the real world, and to demonstrate how some relatively small and simple changes to your home could be the difference between your home surviving a severe weather event or not.

“You can see from the reaction of the families we supported through the process, how transformative this thinking can be. Not just for one home, but for whole communities.”

Suncorp and Leo Burnett worked with The Glue Society to create a fully integrated content system that people can use, learn and apply to their own homes. Most notably, the project team saw a transformation in the families that took part in how they looked at preparing for natural disasters and how much more control they could have over their fate.

Says Andy Fergusson, executive creative director, Leo Burnett: “Since the inception of One House, our vision and ambition has always been to democratise resilience and make it accessible to all Australians. Resilience Road is yet another step in making our homes and community as resilient as possible.”

The campaign is set to run in Queensland and will roll out on broadcast television, radio, online and across social. Accompanying the launch is the Resilience Road Hub, a virtual demonstration of the project and a place where people can learn about upgrades to make to their own home.

To view the website hub visit:

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Suncorp Insurance launches ‘Resilience Road’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia Suncorp Insurance launches ‘Resilience Road’ campaign via Leo Burnett Australia