Subversus launches ‘Additional Assets’: Photographs by Filmmakers

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Subversus launches ‘Additional Assets’: Photographs by Filmmakers

Subversus is proud to present Additional Assets, a groundbreaking exhibition series showcasing original photographic work by some of Australia’s most compelling filmmakers.


The creative studio, founded by the director duo behind VERSUS (represented by Collider) and known for creating positive cultural subversions, platforming new voices and presenting unique perspectives, has curated works from 29 film directors and cinematographers.

Born of personal projects, professional sets and the spaces between, the featured works challenge conventional perceptions of filmmakers, highlight the depth and diversity of talent within the filmmaking industry and celebrate the creative versatility of the artists beyond the realm of moving images.

“As filmmakers, you’re often faced with an image that’s begging to be photographed, whether that’s on set or an interesting location or character,” says Jason Sukadana, co-founder, Subversus. “But filmmaking is fairly demanding on time and creative energy, so most of these often quite incredible photographs end up as social media fodder or forgotten files.”

“It just made sense to try and get a show together to not only celebrate the wealth of talent among our peers,” says Tanya Babić, co-founder, Subversus. “But also to explore a potentially ongoing opportunity for exhibiting and commercialising our surplus of unseen imagery.”

Subversus launches ‘Additional Assets’: Photographs by Filmmakers

The duo credit community-building as further impetus for Additional Assets, which they plan to host bi-annually. “Connecting and networking opportunities for Australian filmmakers are rare,” says Sukadana. “We’re all fans of each others’ work and while we may connect on social media, most of us have never met. The response from our peers has been beyond what we could have imagined and I think this has been the biggest drawcard for all involved.”

“It’s a fascinating concept,” says award-winning director Selina Miles. “And brings together immense talent. I can’t wait to see what each individual brings to the exhibition, and what the show says collectively about image-making.”

The roster of artists for the inaugural exhibition is a considered mix of established and emerging talent, with filmmakers including Glendyn Ivin, Ben Briand, Damon Cameron, Riley Blakeway, Natasha Foster, Lucy Knox, Suzanne Kim, Michael Hili and Gabriel Gaspirinatos, and cinematographers Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Shelley Farthing Dawe and Tania Lambert.

Subversus launches ‘Additional Assets’: Photographs by Filmmakers

Works submitted so far, says Babić, demonstrate “the breadth of aesthetics and subjects we envisioned in bringing these particular filmmakers together.” Observational portraits of regional Australians will hang alongside scenes from Italian public housing commissions and Cuban neighbourhoods. There are meditative, sometimes surreal moments from film sets and early captures of celebrated musicians, plus more constructed, conceptual works, some even created for the exhibition.

“There are many filmmakers in the exhibition whose work I love, I’m excited to see another side of their work,” says emerging filmmaker Hyun Lee. “I don’t get to take photos very often anymore. I think of photography as a language that’s very useful to be literate in, especially when you work in a visual medium like filmmaking. I guess like a language, it needs to be practiced or you lose your fluency.”

Additional Assets is not just an exhibition; it’s a collective of fearless artists, an exploration of the intersection of still and moving imagery, and a testament to the boundless creativity that defines Australian filmmaking.

Additional Assets will launch at m2 Gallery, Sydney on April 18th from 6pm – 9pm. Opening night will be followed by an after-party generously hosted by Electric Sheep Music. The show will be open daily from 10am – 4pm, 19th April – 23rd April. Limited prints will be available for sale.

Subversus launches ‘Additional Assets’: Photographs by Filmmakers

(Image 2: Untitled Photograph by Ben Briand)
(Image 3: Untitled Photograph by Selina Miles)
(Image 4: Girl On Fire Photograph by Hyun Lee)