Sputnik launches Vinnies Winter Appeal 2011


Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 4.26.41 PM.pngSputnik Agency has launched its first campaign for The St Vincent de Paul Society – the Vinnies Winter Appeal 2011.   

The campaign seeks to highlight the broad range of services Vinnies offers to empower change in the lives of people in need.

“Vinnies wanted to remind everyone that people don’t choose to be unemployed, homeless or mentally ill, and they often just need the support of a compassionate community to change their lives,” said Ed Carveth, Sputnik’s Head of Strategy and Design.

“To get this message across, the campaign is inspired by real-life case studies revealing the human potential for personal transformation in a visually emotive and memorable way.


“It aims to convey the idea that people who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances genuinely want change in their lives and are really holding onto hope for what their life could become.”

Carol Taylor, General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations for Vinnies Victoria said the organisation was thrilled with the end product.

“The campaign that Sputnik has developed accurately represents the difficult situations that people can find themselves in and the role we play in helping those Australians most in need,” Carol said.


As well as a lead TVC, the campaign for the Vinnies Winter Appeal 2011 also features press, online, DM and radio and aims to raise $5.5 million in donations to help a growing number of Australians needing support.

According to Andrew Siwka, General Manager of Sputnik Agency, “This campaign is a great example of Sputnik’s integrated capabilities, having developed the brand, ATL, BTL and digital campaign elements.


“It has also been fantastic to be able to work with an organisation that is making such a positive change in our community.”