Sportsgirl launches fourth chapter of Be That Girl movement with ‘Be Heard’ via Portas

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Australian retailer Sportsgirl has launched the fourth chapter of its Be That Girl movement titled ‘Be Heard’ campaign via Portas.


Introduced in August 2018, Be That Girl was designed to help empower Australian girls and give them confidence to be whoever they want to be by giving them a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

Sportsgirl moved beyond what she wears and started talking to her about what she believes in; generating conversations around topics she feels strongly about.

Says Colleen Callander, CEO, Sportsgirl: “Sportsgirl are listening and constantly evolving to ensure we are relevant for right now. 2020 is the start of a new decade, one that celebrates diversity, creativity, spirituality and inclusivity, the latest instalment, Be Heard features ten new faces – both female and male, a first for the brand.”

This year, the empowering line-up of talent includes transgender influencer and LGBTQI+ advocate AJ Clementine, body positive activist Kate Wasley, financial advisor Victoria Devine, makeup artist Jacob Stella, influencer and environmentalist Inka Williams, journalist and presenter Grace Koh, artist and writer Sabina McKenna, beauty entrepreneur and Bread Beauty Haircare founder Maeve Helene, human rights journalist Mikele Syron and Australian Paralympic athlete Erin Cleaver.

Sportsgirl launches fourth chapter of Be That Girl movement with ‘Be Heard’ via Portas

The class of 2020 will feature in a series of unscripted and honest films that sees them answer a series of candid questions touching on what it’s like to be a Gen Sportsgirl in 2020. Each member of the cast opens up to provide an insight into their world and what’s on their mind, inspiring and paving the way for others to turn their obstacles into triumphs.

Says Callander: “Sportsgirl provides a platform for young people to tell their stories to both empower and inspire out customers. From overcoming adversity, discrimination and victimisation to embracing their creativity and challenging the status quo, we use these stories to inspire a generation.

“The cast have been selected to not only be the face of the campaign, but act as a voice and barometer for Gen Sportsgirl. We need to ensure we are embracing and understanding our customer, their behaviours and their way of life – this is constantly changing and we must continue to evolve with them.”

National Marketing Manager: Kate Rees
PR & Events Coordinator: Molly McNamara
Creative, Production & Amplification: Portas
CEO: Colleen Callander
Client Director: Keira Davidson
Strategist: Charlie Gavshon-Kirkbride
Creative Director: Luke Furniss

Creative and Director: Joy Collective
Copywriter: Milkbar Agency
Interviewer: Grace Koh
Senior Producer: Sunny Grace
DOP: (Film Director) Nathan Lewis
Editor: Joy Collective
PR: NAC Media Group
Media: Direct

Hair: Sophie Roberts
Styling: Nicola Colbram
Photographed by: Bec Lorrimer