Sportsbet’s ‘The Grubs’ lift the lid in latest cricket documentary ‘The Rest’ via SHERPA


Sportsbet has just announced plans to release an all-access documentary called The Rest, which will follow Australia’s favourite local cricket team The Grubs produced by Sportsbet’s internal creative team together with production agency Sherpa.


The series is said to detail the cult-favourite club’s online success as well as its on-field failures, seemingly following in the footsteps of their higher profile and higher skilled brethren in the Australian Men’s Cricket Team.

The unprecedented, unparalleled and unapologetic access is said to be a world first in local cricket history. Raw interviews, exclusive footage from the dressing rooms and candid blow-ups over weak cordial are all set to be highlights of the hotly-anticipated docuseries.

Says Rambo Goraya, Sportsbet creative director and part-time pie chucker: “The Grubs have become very popular with the cricketing public, despite numerous controversies, pathetic batting collapses and dubious reports on their character.

“People used to wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in a room full of Grubs. Well, now they get to find out.

“The Grubs loved working with Sportsbet and in particular Nat and the team at Sherpa, to put together this stunning series/trailer.”

Sherpa and Sportsbet also teamed up on The Grubs’ latest three-part series of online hits: What Local Crickets Think vs Say.

Creative Director: Raman (Rambo) Goraya
Writer: Hammy Goodman
Writer: Chris Chard
Director: Harley Hamer
Executive Producer: Nat Taylor
Production Company: SHERPA
DOP: Tom Linford
Editor: Emily Robb
Post production: Manimal