Sportsbet says ‘Yeah, Nah’ to World Cup in Qatar in latest integrated campaign via Palomina

Sportsbet says ‘Yeah, Nah’ to World Cup in Qatar in latest integrated campaign via Palomina

Cheeky bookmaker Sportsbet has led the charge of Aussie brands around the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, labelling the event a bit ‘yeah, nah’ in its latest integrated campaign, produced by Palomina.


The iconic Aussie phrase is the answer to all the big questions around the upcoming global event. Did Qatar win the bid to host the World Cup fair and square? Yeah, nah. Is your mate going to work the next day after pulling a late-nighter watching the Socceroos? Yeah, nah.

Says Sean Ormerod of Sportsbet: “I think we can all agree that most things about this World Cup are a bit yeah, nah. From making fans pay more than $300 a night to sleep in a shipping container, it certainly would’ve been more fun to host it here on our shores. We’re still getting right behind the Socceroos though. Do we think they can get out of the group… Yeah, nah. But we’re just happy to be there!”

The campaign features 2 30s TVCs, 4 15s as well as supporting radio, print and OOH, including a 3D digital execution to be set live in Melbourne featuring the campaigns psychic Octopus.


Client/Creative – Sportsbet
Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Migliorini
General Manager of Marketing, Tim Hernadi
Head of Brand, Jason Thatcher
Head of Partnerships and Content, Rambo Goraya
Head of Content Production, Dan Atkins
Brand Manager, Mitchell Fraser
Senior Campaign Manager, Olivia Ferrary
Campaign Co-ordinator, Tayla Petty
Creative Director, Tim Leckie
Senior Creative: Shaun Conroy
Senior Creative: Chris Chard
Senior Creative: Hammy Goodman
Creative: Jamie McGloin

Production Partner: Palomina
Production Producer: Kate Merrin
Brand Producer: Rachel Gilkison
Director: Julian Lucas
DOP: Daniel Ardilley
Production Designer: Lucinda Thomson
Editor/Online: Ryan Brett @ Manimal Post
VFX: Cadre Pictures
Sound: Final Sound