Sportsbet rolls the dice with launch of ‘NRL The Board Game’ video via SHERPA


For the fourth year running, Sportsbet has previewed the upcoming NRL season, this time in the form of NRL The Board Game in collaboration with production agency Sherpa.


After the success of NRL Restaurant, NRL ER and NRL Handyman in previous episodes, no team is safe from frank assessment as all 16 clubs roll the dice in a game of thrill, suspense and unknown chances.

The Cowboys and Bulldogs battle over a seemingly never-ending game of Four-In-A-Row, numerous clubs line up to pillage the lowly Dragons in a game of Guess Who’s Leaving and don’t bother asking the Raiders what happens they roll six again.

Says Sportsbet’s Rich Hummerston: “Come the eve of the season, punters are always on the lookout for the annual Sportsbet NRL video. We don’t hold back in assessing each team’s pre-season chances but every club gets a fair whack and as always, it’s all in good fun.”

NRL The Board Game will appear on Channel Nine, Fox League as well as across social channels for Sportsbet and the NRL.

Creative Director: Rambo Goraya
Writers: Chris Chard, Hammy Goodman
Director: Tom Linford
DOP: Liam Gilmour
Editor: Marc Verna
Production Company: SHERPA
Executive Producer: Nat Taylor
Producer: Shantini Devi