Spiller takes chief creative officer gig at Fallon US


Darren Spiller 2.jpgEXCLUSIVE: Darren Spiller, regional creative director of Publicis Mojo is moving to Minneapolis in June as Chief Creative Officer of Fallon US, replacing Al Kelly, who joined Fallon in 2007 from Strawberry Frog Amsterdam.

However, Spiller will continue to have input into Mojo Australia and New Zealand, the agency he has worked at since 1995 when he joined the Auckland office as head of art.

Fallon is also owned by The Publicis Groupe and has offices in London, and Tokyo.

Graeme Wills, regional chairman of Publicis Mojo negotiated for Spiller to retain ties with the agency and clients, however Spiller’s main focus will be Fallon US.

“When they realised I was going to Fallon and it was still in the family it made sense to maintain a relationship,” Spiller told Campaign Brief.

“I’ll liaise with some clients on a monthly basis. There may be a fewteams that work on Australian projects with me overseeing them from theU.S, especially things like Tourism Victoria. An account which is veryclose to my heart and which I have fostered a great client relationshipover many successes and many years. It’s a clever business thing to do,why lose someone completely when you can keep them in the family,everyone benefits – clients, staff, and agency. I thought it was a verymature way to look at it,” says Spiller.

Spiller has been ECD on award winning campaigns for clients includingTourism Victoria’s ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Run Rabbit Run’, Nestle PetersDrumstick campaign and ‘Nike’s ‘Stuff History’.

His remit at Fallon is to grow the business and put Fallon’s creative reputation back on top.

While Fallon enjoys a reputation for groundbreaking creative such asBMW Films, in recent years the London office has been outshining the USheadquarters with work such as Sony ‘Balls’ and Cadbury ‘Gorilla’.

“Fallon has won six new business pitches in the last six months, whichis very encouraging. There’s a feeling of resurgence there, it had afew tough years, but everyone eventually goes through that “

While Spiller has had a number of job offers over the years this is the first he was really interested in.

“I have had a long career with Mojo and it would have to be a good onefor me to move considering how great this job is. Over a few phonecalls and seeing my work they were keen to get me across and it justseemed to fit straightway,” he says.