Song Zu and Eardrum launch new joint venture Resonance Sonic Branding

Song Zu and Eardrum launch new joint venture Resonance Sonic Branding

Two of Australia’s most respected names in sound and music, Eardrum’s Ralph van Dijk (left), and Song Zu’s Ramesh Sathiah (right), have partnered to form Resonance Sonic Branding, a new audio branding agency to improve impact and attribution across all audio platforms.


With consumers’ growing audio consumption of podcasts, smart speakers, audiobooks, streaming music and radio, the industry needs smarter, better and more creative sonic branding strategies to harness the potential of audio to build brand awareness.

Resonance Sonic Branding will be set up as a separate, special purpose entity, combining the strengths and deep expertise of Song Zu and Eardrum to offer clients unique sonic branding strategies.

Their holistic process harnesses the power of audio to give brands a unique sound that defines their consumer experience and engagement throughout the customer journey.

van Dijk says sonic branding encompasses so much more than an audio logo or sound grab: “It’s an opportunity to capture a brand’s personality using music, voice and sound design and ensure it resonates at every touchpoint.

“Our ears are one of the most powerful access points to our mind, and we remember familiar voices and music all our life. So it makes sense for brands to be using this channel more strategically.”

Says Sathiah: “With the continuing growth in audio-on-demand, there is an increasing need for a thoughtful sonic strategy to improve a brands impact and attribution across all platforms.”

“Eardrum and Song Zu often collaborate on projects and have great mutual respect for each other,” said van Dijk. “We knew that by combining our strengths, we’d create a dream team of strategy and craft.”

“This is not a merger of two companies – Eardrum and Song Zu will continue operating separately,” said van Dijk.

Says Shannon Bell, creative director at Re: “It’s always fascinating to work with Resonance and see their ability to create and curate sound to capture the feeling of a brand.

“For us, it’s a meeting of like minds. Resonance applies the same level of craft to sonic expression, as we apply to visual and verbal identity. Their work adds a critical dimension that helps make brands more knowable, interesting, and able to build a genuine connection with customers.”

Says van Dijk: “It’s never been more important for brands to be ‘audio ready’ and as much loved brands like McDonald’s and Bunnings are proving – audio branding assets only get more valuable over time.”

The Resonance partners have helped create some of the regions strongest sonic brands including Woolworths, CommBank, SBS, Etihad, and Qantas and the team are currently working on three major Australian sonic brand strategies to be announced soon.

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