Simply Energy rebrands to ENGIE; launches new creative platform ‘It’s Possible’ via HERO

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Launching today is a new player in the retail energy category, ENGIE. Formally Simply Energy, ENGIE, via HERO will show it’s possible to have both affordable and sustainable options for customers via a major brand campaign.


Research shows that over 70% of Australians believe environmental sustainability is the responsibility of government and corporates to manage. Furthermore, almost 70% of people don’t have Green Power plans and aren’t considering it in the next 12 months. “It’s Possible’ is hoping to change that number.

HERO worked with ENGIE to produce a 360 brand campaign, introducing their new creative platform “It’s Possible” which goes live from today. Proving to consumers that renewable energy plans don’t have to be expensive, the campaign brings the epic to everyday with affordable and sustainable energy and showcases ENGIE’s new affordable GreenPower plans.

Simply Energy rebrands to ENGIE; launches new creative platform ‘It’s Possible’ via HERO

As one of the largest independent power producers in the world, ENGIE has ambitions to be net zero by 2045. ENGIE operates in 31 countries and has owned Simply Energy in Australia since 2005. The move from Simply Energy to ENGIE is a response to Australians who want their energy provider to offer not just good value but also help to contribute to a sustainable future.

Says Penny Maher, general manager marketing and digital experience, at ENGIE Retail Australia: “We couldn’t be more excited to officially launch ENGIE to market as an energy retailer in Australia today, through our work with HERO.

“We know Australian consumers want good value; particularly now, but they also expect their energy retailer to contribute to a sustainable future in a responsible way. ENGIE’s new platform shows that it’s possible to have affordable and sustainable energy plans, to make the everyday more epic.”

Says Shane Geffen, executive creative director at HERO: “Powering your home with affordable and sustainable energy from ENGIE makes every energy moment a little more epic and magical… even if it is making your morning cuppa.”

ENGIE’s nationwide campaign is spearheaded by TV, in addition to BVOD, OOH, radio, digital and social.

General Manager Marketing & Digital Experience: Penny Maher
Head of Acquisition and Brand: Belinda Mekis
Brand Manager: Rio Ryan
Senior Campaign Manager: Danny Stefanovski
Campaign Manager: Trinity Huynh

Executive Creative Director: Shane Geffen
Creative Director: Andrew Woodhead
Associate Creative Director: Lee Phillips
Art Director: Johnathan Akiki, Charlotte Smith
Copywriter: Will Fox
Head of Strategy: Tallon Mason-Kaine
National Head of Production: Roz Scrimshaw
Executive Director: Charlie McDevitt
Account Director: Siobhan Gilchrist
Account Executive: Neha Joshi

MEDIA AGENCY – The Media Store
Head of Client Service: Nicole Boyd
Chief Strategy Officer:  Sam Cousins
Digital Director: Jeff Ott
Digital Directors Programmatic & Search:  Annie Marendaz, James Nash, Emma Davis
Account Manager: Talya Alkilic
Trading Manager: Mollie Cross
Digital Executive: Daniel Paoli
Programmatic Executive: Adriana Catanese, Angus Beven
Search Assistant: Usama Rasny
Media Assistant: Alexandra Ziamos

Director: Eddy Bell
Executive Producer: Martin Box
Producer: Fiona McGregor
Editors: ARC EDIT
Visual Effects: Airbag
Sound Design: Final Sound
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