Seeker Agency appoints Marco Klefisch to the role of creative director

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Seeker Agency appoints Marco Klefisch to the role of creative director

Seeker Agency has announced the appointment of Marco Klefisch as its new creative director. With an illustrious career in live events, set design, and innovative technological integration, Klefisch brings a wealth of global experience and a fresh perspective to the Australian market.


Klefisch is renowned for his groundbreaking work, including the spectacular launch of Maserati’s MC20. By utilising disguise xR workflow, Klefisch created an immersive “racing opera” experience that seamlessly blended physical and virtual elements. This event was awarded ‘Best Event in the World’ at Bea World 2021, highlighting Klefisch’s exceptional talent and innovative approach. His ability to combine traditional storytelling with cutting-edge technology has established him as a leader in the creative industry.

Brad Hampel, director of Seeker Agency, expressed his enthusiasm for Marco’s appointment: “We’ve been looking for the right creative director for the better part of two years. We searched high and low across the country but couldn’t find the level of thinking or talent required to bring to the Australian market. So, we started looking overseas. Marco’s extensive global experience across Europe and his work on significant global events convinced us that he could elevate what is being presented in the Australian market. We believe his innovative thinking will enhance our creative services and lift the level of creativity and strategic thinking in Australia.”

Klefisch’s visionary approach and expertise are set to drive Seeker Agency’s creative vision forward. His appointment marks a significant milestone in the agency’s journey to provide exceptional creative solutions and redefine industry standards in Australia.

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