Scoundrel’s Lucy Knox directs new campaign to improve funding for mental health


Scoundrel’s Lucy Knox has directed a new campaign aimed to shine a light on the long wait times many people face when seeking help for their mental health.


In collaboration with grassroots advocacy organisation Australians for Mental Health (AfMH), the campaign, ‘Holding out for Help’, uses hold music to shine a light on the long wait times Australians face when waiting for mental health treatment.

In partnership with one of Australia’s top artists, Reuben Styles of hit electronic / dance duo Peking Duk, AfMH has developed a first of its kind library of free hold music, with tracks embedded with messages from Styles highlighting the fact that while customers wait, millions suffering from mental ill-health are waiting for help too.

The bespoke messages scattered throughout the hold music feature Styles asking Australians to turn their ‘hold’ time into ‘help’ time and end the wait for people suffering from mental ill-health by signing a petition for greater government funding and mental health reform.

Life, health, and wellbeing insurer AIA Australia has teamed up with AfMH to deliver the campaign hold music across their customer service phone channels.

Says Knox: “We all recognise Australia’s mental health system is under resourced and overwhelmed, and I loved that this idea highlighted the need for real reform to address this issue, with such an evocative call to action.

“There was a very personal drive to engage in this work; and likewise so many of the crew who volunteered their time in making this, shared with me their own lived experience with our mental health system. I believe it was for us all, empowering to contribute towards something that helps raise awareness of the need to increase funding for those suffering because of their mental health, and help end their wait.”

The library of music is free* for all Australian businesses, of every size and sector, to access and download.

Help millions of Aussies end mental health wait times, by signing the petition at:

*A once off licensing fee may apply to broadcast or play the tracks for businesses without a OneMusic license.

Director – Lucy Knox
Executive Producer – Adrian Shapiro
Producer – Lizzie Cater
DOP – Simon Walsh
Production designer – Amy Baker
1AD – Kate North Ash
Casting – Felicity @ Byrne Creative
Post House – Arc
Editor – Lucas Baynes
Colourist – Daniel Molony
Online artist – Patrick Campbell
Post producer – Michaela Fenton
Sound design and mix – IXYXI and Tone Aston at Rumble Studios