Re strategist Lachlan Reid, co-founder of ReWrite, wins Good Design Award for recycled ocean plastic pen

Re strategist Lachlan Reid, co-founder of ReWrite, wins Good Design Award for recycled ocean plastic pen

A sustainability-focused business co-founded by a staff member at Re (M&C Saatchi Group) has been recognised by The Good Design Awards Australia.


The first of its kind pen, made from 100% verified recycled ocean plastic, from casing to ink insert; Rewrite ballpoint pens represent a major product design milestone in the development of sustainable alternatives in the stationery category. ReWrite showcases how product design can push the boundaries of sustainable materiality, affordability and social enterprise.

The pens won in the Product Design Housewares and Objects category of the Australian Good Design Awards held on Friday 8 September in Melbourne. The Good Design Awards are Australia’s longest running international design awards, representing excellence across 11 Design Disciplines and more than 35 Design Categories.

Co-founder of Rewrite and strategist at Re, Lachlan Reid, said Rewrite pens are a key step towards providing a sustainable and economical alternative for people, businesses and government: “We are on a mission to remove 500,000kgs of ocean plastic by 2035, transforming the plastic we remove into sustainable stationery that can keep the cycle going.”

Reid and his co-founder Adam Stacey saw an opportunity to develop an ergonomic, aesthetic, affordable and sustainable alternative to challenge the traditional plastic ballpoint pen using recycled ocean waste plastic – a material that had never been successfully used to create a pen.

Says Reid: “The mechanical recycling process used to refurbish waste plastics from the ocean is a new system and process that has only recently been developed by our ocean plastic supplier partners. By incorporating these new technologies and materials, we are able to create a 100% recycled ocean plastic product that is durable and environmentally impactful.”

M&C Saatchi Group, AXA and Four Pillars Gin have been founding test partners for the product. Not only are the pens made from recycled plastic extracted from our oceans, the pens are 100% recyclable through the Officeworks and Terracycle programs that are accessible nation-wide across Australia.

Rewrite has just undergone a brand refresh via Re as part of its broader go-to-market marketing.

Says Re designer Nina Szewczyk of the design and brand development: “ReWrite’s visual identity is centred around the idea of flow state, and the balance between focus and momentum it creates. The flowing, gestural shape of the ‘W’ was a gift, speaking to both the visual language of the ocean and the iterative nature of creativity. The system captures the coming together of people, process, product and place in an effort to represent the interconnectedness and flow between humankind and nature.”

Rewrite also looks to contribute a portion of its profits to fund the cleaning of our oceans. While, unlocking the opportunity for continued product range development across the category.

To find out more about ReWrite visit or ReWrite Stationery for more details.