Perth scrap recyclers CD Dodd recycles 90s metal musicians in new campaign via Rare


Rare, Perth has launched a new campaign for scrap metal recycler CD Dodd, that recycled 90s metal musicians to create the world’s first heavy metal jingle (they think).


With the help of Soundbyte, Rare cast some local musicians you might remember from back in the day – Joe Kapiteyn (iNFeCTed, Devil Rides Out), Dave Harrison (Allegiance), Aidan Barton (Pathogen) and Damien Petroli (Syzygy, Black Steel) to form a new band called ‘Reborn’ and write, compose and record the jingle.

Band merchandise was also created as part of the campaign, as well as behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with band members to tell the back-story of ‘Reborn’.

The aim of the campaign was to blast CD Dodd’s name across the airwaves in a way that would make their target audience put down their tools and take notice.

Listen to the Radio spots (30, 45 & 60 secs):


Says Liz Hammond, CD, Rare: “It was great to see professional musicians so energised by our project, and to have a client willing to produce something so brave. The heavy metal genre now has several new fans in the Rare office.”

Creative Director: Liz Hammond 
Art Director: Liz Hammond 
Design: Adam Oliver
Copywriter: Alida Henson
Account Director: Suzie Dunn, Kim Brittain
Account Manager: Damien Del Borrello 
Sound designer / Director: Brad Habib
Producer: Chantel Brouwer
Studio Engineer: Chad Blondel
Track mixing: Aidan Barton
DOP : Lewis Potts
Location Sound: Tym Sanders
Editing: James Hawkes, Office of John Cheese
Photography: Chantel Concei