R/GA Australia launches Search Intelligence offering for strategic growth

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R/GA Australia launches Search Intelligence offering for strategic growth

Creative innovation studio R/GA Australia has launched its Search Intelligence offering, aimed at assisting brands in staying ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer search behaviour.


As traditional search methods wane due to the rise of AI and Gen Z’s inclination towards social media for immediate, relatable information, brands are reassessing their digital strategies. Unlike conventional SEO approaches, R/GA’s Search Intelligence is strategically driven to uncover untapped opportunities, guiding brands to identify genuine demand and tailor products to meet authentic customer needs.

Says Marc Williamson, director of data at R/GA Australia: “The conventional use of SEO is evolving, prompting CMOs to prioritise authentic customer experiences. Our approach is strategic, not merely tactical. We’re not just adding meta; we’re defining how pages are built to create a robust foundation for future growth strategies. Our focus is human-centric, bridging the gap between marketing and product by connecting with people, not just machines.”

R/GA’s response includes three key offerings to enhance brand visibility across all search and social formats: category intelligence, uncovering Australian motivations using search data; audience sizing and acquisition, linking search insights to product strategy with measurable outcomes; and platform alignment/enablement, ensuring digital platforms effectively engage both gen AI and search users.

R/GA’s Search Intelligence currently supports clients in sectors including automotive, financial technology, and government. Led by Marc Williamson and Eliot Koey, Search Intelligence offers extensive experience in data and digital marketing. Senior Analysts Nicolò Zanellato and James Binnie, along with Analysts Anshula Bains and Seamus Collins, and Search Analyst Deepu Madhusudhanan, contribute to the team’s expertise.

Says Michael Titshall, CEO of APAC at R/GA: “Search is going through a huge change and consumer behaviour is in flux. R/GA’s Search Intelligence offering prioritises a customer-centric growth strategy, focusing on actual people and impact, rather than clicks. We’ll help brands identify new audiences, find new ways to connect with people and optimise experiences to stand out in a competitive market.”