Publicis Sapient Australia unifies brands SapientNitro, Razorfish and 2Datafish under single Publicis Sapient banner

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Publicis Sapient Australia unifies brands SapientNitro, Razorfish and 2Datafish under single Publicis Sapient banner

Publicis Sapient Australia has retired its legacy brands as part of a unification process across all agency services, following a global rebrand. All the company’s brands, including SapientNitro, Razorfish and 2Datafish, will be anchored under the single Publicis Sapient banner.

A strategic business decision, the move positions the company for significant growth as it serves its clients’ transformation needs during a time of unprecedented digital disruption.

“The launch of the new brand represents the manifestation of the full integration of our business here in Australia where we have brought together all our brands including SapientNitro, Razorfish and 2Datafish, anchored under the single Publicis Sapient banner,” says Publicis Sapient Australia managing director Sarah Adam-Gedge (pictured).

“This move strengthens and underpins our commitment to serve as a guide to clients facing an unprecedented environment of rapidly changing consumer preferences, largely driven by technology. This requires a constant re-examination of their business models through the eyes of that audience. To help our clients transform and thrive in this marketplace, we also need to continually transform ourselves so we are able to deliver holistic advice based on our understanding of people, bold creativity and business strategy across industry verticals, and technology.”

According to Publicis Sapient, the consolidation of brands will see the business shift directly towards what clients now require – a strategic partner across the entire spectrum of services with expertise across the board that deeply understands people, how to creatively engage them, as well as how to build cultural and technological solutions that sustain that engagement.

‘Leading the Change’ is not only at the core of Publicis Sapient’s business helping client partners reinvent and transform in a rapidly changing world – it is also at the heart of the agency’s commitment to investing in diversity and gender equality, now led by Sarah Adam-Gedge.

Adam-Gedge and her leadership team’s intent is to further create a work environment where diversity thrives and where real change can be witnessed and lived, so no-one’s career is defined by their background or genes. By building a more gender-balanced business, Adam-Gedge believes the agency is contributing to a more gender-balanced world, eliminating stereotypes, labels that pigeon-hole, and changing misperceptions that roles and responsibilities are best decided along gender lines, not capabilities.

Says Adam-Gedge: “The revolution is underway and we’ve made progress as a business and as a society – but there is still more to do. It’s not a race towards getting accredited or certified or to win accolades for diversity and inclusion. It’s far more important than that. It’s about making a better, fairer and more authentically diverse workplace because the actual benefits that flow from that are far greater, with wide reaching impact on our people and our clients.”