Providoor launches new restaurant focused video campaign via SIRAP


This week, Providoor will launch a multi-channel video campaign celebrating its restaurant offerings and the kitchens its deliveries are prepared in. The visual campaign, made in collaboration with SIRAP Motion Lab, will speak to each restaurant’s unique style of food and general approach to their menu and hospitality.


The strategy behind the creative process aimed to showcase the connection between Providoor and its restaurants, with each video teasing out the individual nuances that celebrate the personality of each chef and restaurant.

Says Michael McCash, chief marketing officer, Providoor: “The videos are intended to help our customers understand the offering and context of the restaurant beyond what they see on our website page. The videos are beautifully shot and really highlight the art behind the creation of the food, and the care taken by the restaurateurs and chefs who partner with Providoor.”

Available to view on each of the Providoor restaurant pages on its website, the videos will help browsers gain insight into the gourmet origins of the food that arrives at their door. The campaign will further span both Providoor and restaurant social platforms, including paid and organic content, and will mark the launch of Providoor’s youtube channel.

The decision to work with SIRAP was largely based on founder and creative director, Paris Thomson’s connection to hospitality, how they showcase the talent behind the restaurants and convey the stories behind great food.

Says Thomson: “At SIRAP, our work is underpinned by discerning, unique story-telling and intelligent strategy for digital interaction. We were honoured to work with the Providoor team on such an extensive campaign, celebrating an exceptional group of restaurants.”

Chief Marketing Officer: Michael McCash
Head of Marketing & Brand: Magenta Burgin

Production: SIRAP
Producer: Lisa Hammerton
Creative Director: Paris Thomson
Director & DOP: Callum Harrison
Post Production: Ben Willis