Powershop offers ‘same power, different attitude’ with new print work via DoubleFish, Wellington


Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.20.52 AM.jpgScreen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.20.59 AM.jpgNew Zealand online electricity upstart Powershop has been a thorn in the side of larger power companies since its launch two years ago.

Its willingness to act as consumer champion and hold the big boys to account has become the inspiration for its new brand campaign that launches next week.

Powershop has teamed up with Wellington ad mavericks Ken Double and John Fisher of Wellington agency DoubleFish for the campaign, which features several of the world’s most evil dictators in the unlikeliest of situations.

Same Power, Different Attitude puts North Korea’s Kim Jong Il in charge of a community sausage sizzle, while Saddam Hussein hits the street to collect for a refugee aid charity. Watch out for Colonel Gaddafi performing his own random act of kindness soon.

“It’s pure satire that ridicules some of the most despised individuals who have ever held the reins of power,” says Powershop CEO Ari Sargent.

“Showing how out of place they look in everyday, charitable situations highlights their abuse of power and comments on how different the world would be if they’d used it for good instead of evil.”

“It reflects our belief that anyone in a position of power, whether a politician or energy company, should use that power responsibly,” says Sargent.  

The campaign uses hand-painted posters that will hit billboards, bus shelters and online sites from Monday.

Credits: Writer Ken Double, art director John Fisher, illustrator Evan Purdie, art/retouching Andy Salisbury & Jason Bownen.