Powerball and DZ Deathrays hunt for Australia’s biggest Powerballad in new campaign via BRING


Every Australian has a favourite Powerballad. You know the one? The song that gets everyone on their feet at the end of the night and unites the pub dancefloor, regardless of age. That’s why Powerball have joined forces with BRING and Spotify to find Australia’s biggest fan-voted track, partnering with ARIA award winning punk/rock favourites, DZ Deathrays to transform the track in their own unique way.


Powerballad is designed to stimulate conversation around dance-floor fillers and pub anthems, with a tongue-in-cheek campaign led by DZ Deathrays. They’ll lead the search for Australia’s fave Powerballad, play it by their own rules, then pick a winner to join them in the official music video and at a special event where the song will be performed live to fans for the first time.

Says DZ Deathrays: “We’re pumped to see what song Australia picks and are armed with our rock guitars to shred it into a new century… now if we could just get out of this Powerballad world to start practicing.”

Watch campaign launch content here

Says James Griffiths, executive creative director at Universal Music Australia’s BRING: “With Powerballad, we really wanted to tap into the cultural conversation already happening around iconic songs whilst delivering on the brand’s ‘Play By Your Own Rules’ ethos. Through our internally developed tools, we were able to align the brand with artists that will truly resonate with their target demographic. The exciting thing now is watching the story unfold and bringing fans along for the journey. Where’s my air guitar?”

The campaign unfolds through a partnership with Spotify, where fans will be driven to a Powerballad microsite and vote for their favourite tracks by adding to Australia’s Ultimate Powerballad Playlist on Spotify. Over time, the playlist will be filled with more bangers than a sausage sizzle.

Says Jen Lyons, senior marketing manager, Powerball: “Since the Powerball game launched it has been synonymous with independence, freedom and self-expression. We get to really stretch our wings with Powerball and the way that we’re able to bring our brand essence – ‘Play By Your Own Rules’ – to life. We know that a passion point for our growth audience is music and partnering with BRING, Spotify and DZ Deathrays has given us a chance to speak to this audience in a new, authentic and exciting way. We’re really excited to see what songs are nominated and how DZ Deathrays re-imagine the chosen song!”

The campaign was created in partnership with Carat and The Story Lab.

Adam Ireland, General Manager, BRING
James Griffiths, Executive Creative Director, BRING
Kate Allan, Brand Partnerships, BRING
Will Blackburn, Creative, BRING
Kaitlin Wright, Designer, BRING
Claire Crennan, Content Partnerships Director, The Story Lab
Aidan Ryan, Client Leader, Carat
Josh Fick, Planning Manager, Carat
Jen Lyons, Senior Marketing Manager, Powerball
Matt Itzstein, Brand Manager, Powerball
Bek Davidson, Marketing Coordinator, Powerball
Kendall Latham – Group Sales Manager, Spotify
Matthew Hawkins – Client Service Manager, Spotify
Matt Bryant – Creative Strategist, Spotify
Video Production: Entropico
Digital Production: Made in Katana

Powerball and DZ Deathrays hunt for Australia’s biggest Powerballad in new campaign via BRING