Pixel meets Pause Fest 2020

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Pixel meets Pause Fest 2020

Pause Fest 2020 sees the world’s leading festival for business and creativity reach its tenth year. Pixel was invited to create something striking to celebrate the theme of this exciting anniversary – ‘New Odyssey’.


Says Pixel’s John Gavin, director of this year’s opening title sequence: “I love blending live-action footage, animation and CG – blurring those lines is always exciting to me.”

View New Odyssey – Opening Titles here

“We ultimately wanted to leave the audience with a sense of hope; a story that may start from cold isolation but would always end with a vibrant connectedness.”

Pixel enlisted a talented team to bring this ambitious world together, including DOP Liam Gilmour, screen and lighting specialists Lighting Lab and Colourblind, composer Chiara Costanza and choreographer Jordan Herbert. The team worked with John to combine 120 LED panels, boldly block coloured animation and 20 dancers, creating a technicolour extravaganza.

Their bringing together of various creative and technical disciplines to collaborate is not unlike the festival itself, which features speakers from the likes of Netflix, Adobe and Google. The sea of creative thinkers have descended upon Melbourne for Pause Fest 2020, which starts today, and finishes up on Friday. Find out more at pausefest.com.au and dive into Pixel’s work at pixel.melbourne.

Pixel meets Pause Fest 2020 Pixel meets Pause Fest 2020