Phenix Jewellery launches new ‘Find the One’ brand platform via Engine Group

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Phenix Jewellery launches new ‘Find the One’ brand platform via Engine Group

While ‘finding the one’ is often associated with relationships, Phenix Jewellery’s new campaign via Engine Group, turns that idea around to be about connection with its jewellery and finding that piece with your name on it.


Phenix Jewellery is an Australian-owned company that has historically specialised in the validation and replacement of lost, stolen or damaged jewellery and watches for the insurance industry and its customers.

With the vast majority of its turnover via insurance claims, there was an opportunity to build brand loyalty and drive repeat sales from this already captive audience, while also reaching new customers outside the insurance channel.

Says Tim Weger, managing director, Engine Group: “Our task was to build an enduring emotive brand platform that separated Phenix from other jewellery retailers and let consumers find a compelling reason to choose them.”

The brand has been repositioned as something truly special through intimacy, connecting people to the jewellery that means the most to them. Whether through an exclusive one-on-one appointment in the showroom or shopping online, with Phenix, you will ‘find the one’.

Says Mark Smith, creative director, Engine Group: “It’s more than offering a range of beautiful jewellery or creating a clever line. It’s about gaining true loyalty for ongoing repeat purchase that can only come from an emotional connection built on trust.”

Says Ben Riley, CEO, Phenix Jewellery: “It was a pleasure working with Engine who have been able to bring to life the emotional journey of finding your special piece of jewellery, of finding the one.”

The campaign is out there waiting to be found via digital, POS, website, social, collateral, eDM and more.

Creative agency – Engine Group
Managing Director & Strategist – Tim Weger
Strategist – Kym Vercoe
Senior Account Director – Sarah Deery
Senior Account Manager – Mila King
Creative Director/Senior Copywriter – Mark Smith
Creative Director/Senior Art Director – Kory McAvoy
Senior Graphic Designer – Megan Le-Nguyen
Senior Graphic Designer – Teya Evans

Phenix Jewellery launches new ‘Find the One’ brand platform via Engine Group