PetCulture calls for PETernity Policies in the workplace in new work via Eleven + TBWA\Sydney


Eleven with TBWA\Sydney has launched online retail startup PetCulture by campaigning for PETernity Policies to be implemented in the workplace.


The initiative is the first act to bring to life PetCulture’s newly launched brand platform – Pets are people too. An online PETernity Petition is calling on employers to recognise the significant role pets play in families and introduce pet care flexibility in the workplace. The campaign is further supported across social media with a series of 30-, 15- and six-second spots.

Says Simon Smith, CEO, PetCulture: “With more pets than people in Australia – 29 million and counting – pets have become integral to our way of life. However, our research reveals that Australian pet parents aren’t getting the support they need from the workplace when it comes to caring for their pets. Given that our mission is to support and nurture the relationship between pets and pet parents, we’re proud to be leading the charge for PETernity Policies.”

Research found that more than four in five Australians (81%) are asking for more flexibility at work when it comes to the care of their pets, including sick leave, carer’s leave and flexible working.

Says Smith: “With Eleven and TBWA\Sydney, we are sparking a national conversation that shows we not only get pet parents, but we get pets too – and this is the first step in showing our support and understanding when responding to the needs of our pet community.”

Says Rachel Tucker, strategist, TBWA\Sydney: “We’re seeing a cultural shift away from traditional pet–master relationships, to ones of mutual care and betterment. Research shows that parents see their pets as equals that reward us as much as we reward them. For PetCulture, we wanted to create a platform that championed the bond between pet and pet parent.”

Says Russ Tucker, Executive Creative Director, Eleven: “With PetCulture we wanted to demonstrate that we understand the pet community and the values of modern pet parents. ‘Pets are people too’ is a celebration of the unique personalities and needs of our individual pets, and reflects the fundamental role that pets play in Australian family life.”

The call for PETernity Policies launched on 26 May and has garnered coverage nationally across 7News, News Corp’s network,, Sunrise, Today Extra and beyond – all petitioning for pets to be more considered in the workplace.

Strategy: TBWA
PR, Creative and Social: Eleven
Content production: BOLT
PETernity Petition & Pet Personality Quiz : Eleven and BOLT
Media: Performics Mercerbell