Passion Pictures Melbourne signs Oh Yeah Wow

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Passion Pictures Melbourne signs Oh Yeah Wow

Passion Pictures Melbourne has welcomed local creative powerhouse ​Oh Yeah Wow​ to its roster of local and international talent.


Helmed by Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury, Oh Yeah Wow has forged a reputation as trail-blazers and innovators, with award-winning work spanning TVCs, films, music videos and multimedia installations. Made possible by their self-professed creative ‘shorthand’ forged over a decade of collaboration, Oh Yeah Wow pride themselves on a fearless approach to their work, tirelessly seeking (often imitated) new ways to seamlessly meld in-camera cleverness with VFX trickery.

Both Prendergast and Spilsbury cite a mutual favourite method of animation.

Says Prendergast: “We met in high school, bonding over a mutual love of stop-motion animation, so for us, it’s hard to go past. I was given the ‘sex talk’ with plasticine genitalia, so I think that’s where my curiosity with the medium spawned from.”

Adds Spilsbury: “My first love for the medium isn’t as racy but I do remember working tirelessly to create my own version of Star Wars with my toy collection. Unfortunately I didn’t have the full set – so that’s where the clay came in.”

Says Prendergast: “They all looked like Jabba the Hutt.”

Says Katie Mackin, managing director, Passion Pictures: “We’re rapt to be working with a team who are at once groundbreakers in animation and effects and well-established in live action – and masters of blending the two. Coupled with Passion’s world-class reputation for production, we see this as being a highly complementary and fruitful amalgam of talents.”

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