Paper Moose and Loud tackle the arts in The Pitch on last night’s episode of Gruen


In a brief that’s close to home for many readers, Loud was asked to convince the audience of the importance of the arts, with Paper Moose drawing the short straw and pitching to end the arts, in last night’s episode of Gruen.


Loud produced a heartfelt ad supporting arts workers, with many now calling for it to be run in regular ad breaks during a tough time for the industry in Australia.

To tackle the darker topic, Paper Moose (a champion of local arts workers for over a decade) took a lighter approach, leaning into the playfulness of the segment with satire and a nod to vagina craft.

Todd Sampson, apparently an ardent fan of unusual crochet, voted for the spot saying “they had me at vagina craft and they kept me for the whole ad”.

Panellists Sunita Gloster and Priya Patel also voted for Paper Moose, with Priya saying: “They had a tougher brief and they almost convinced me that we don’t need the arts”.

Howcroft commended the writing from Paper Moose, in cracking a particularly difficult brief, however gave his vote to Loud. Wil Anderson – using his arts training – decided that 3 is equal to 1, jokingly calling it a tie.

Paper Moose were at a slight advantage being a hybrid creative/production agency, meaning the spot could be efficiently written, shot and edited by the team in house.

It’s the third season in a row for a Paper Moose victory, with a win last year and a tie the year before.

Producer: Jon Buchan
Copywriter: Kate Holdsworth
Director: Nick Hunter
Director of Photography: Dimitri Zaunders
Production designer / crochet queen: Jessie Singh
Editor: Oliver Trauth-Goik
Sound: Luke Stacey
Designer: Divya Abe
Animator: Pete Foley
Elevator button technician: Maren Smith