Oreo calls for Aussies to oreo-fy themselves in new ‘Oreo Yo’Self’ campaign via Traffik Group


Today Oreo is offering consumers the chance to create an avatar of themselves, watch it printed live on a super-sized Oreo and get sent to them for free as part of a new campaign via Traffik Group.


Oreo will release 2,000 ‘Oreo Yo’Self’ cookies for Aussies to create at www.oreoyoself.com.au. Through the website, Australian consumers will be able to create an avatar of own face in Oreo crème and send it to themselves while stocks last.

Oreo lovers will have the chance to select from a range of features to Oreo-fy themselves including; hair style and colour, eye style and colour and accessories, to get playful and personalise their cookie.

The Oreo printer has been custom built to ensure cookie creme printing precision. A Dobot Magician is controlled via bespoke software that uses a camera on the robot arm to scan and print Oreo cookie creme – allowing a smooth and seamless journey from digital creation to production. The creme is dispensed from a syringe, moved by the Dobot arm, onto the giant Oreo cookie through 12 pneumatic air controlled syringes.

Says Stephanie Nilson, marketing manager, Oreo: “We’re really excited to unveil the ‘Oreo Yo’Self’ campaign in Australia. At Oreo, we’re passionate about sparking moments of playful connection. The goal of the campaign is to offer a fun and unique personalisation experience that puts consumers in the driver’s seat by using cutting-edge technology.”

The fully-integrated campaign marks an exciting step for Oreo in Australia by delivering its brand promise of bringing people together through the power of the playful spirit.

Says Jake Ford, head of activation, Traffic Group: “Creativity and relevance are only becoming more important in today’s marketing landscape. A long-standing, heritage brand such as Oreo putting their consumer’s first, allowing them to personalise the physical product on mass and live streamed for the world to see is an example of the bravery brand’s must adopt to tell stories in today’s landscape.”

‘Oreo Yo’Self’ will be promoted across social, media partnerships, public relations, influencer marketing and out of home media.

Creative Agency: Traffik Group
Digital Experience: Traffik Group
Printer Production: LX Group
PR: iD Collective
Media Agency: Mindshare

Oreo calls for Aussies to oreo-fy themselves in new ‘Oreo Yo’Self’ campaign via Traffik Group