One push for man, one bigger push for mental health

One push for man, one bigger push for mental health

In a time where most people are busy keeping up with the latest developments in AI, or decoding new acronyms of ROAS, NFTs or ETFs, two pioneers have come together to boldly to push our industry forward. To not just push it, but push it real good.


13CO Executive Producer Roy De Giorgio (above left) and former The Works Executive Creative Director Iggy Rodriguez (above right) are pushing out 3,249 push-ups in 3 weeks (05-28 June 2024) as part of the Push Up Challenge to raise awareness and much-needed funds for mental health issues in Australia.

The team name appropriately is: Salt-N-Pepa (Push It Real Good)

Backed by the Push For Better foundation, this will stupidly be their second year attempting to break their own pec muscles.

3249 is no random number chosen by sadistic people in marketing – it’s tragically quite symbolic and marks the number of Australians lost to suicide each year.

The Push For Better Foundation supports charities that deliver crisis support initiatives, programs and services that help in the prevention and early intervention of depression, anxiety and suicide.

“The economic downturn and industry-wide layoffs really exacerbated mental health issues in the advertising industry. It’s something that’s not talked about enough. We hope this initiative puts a spotlight on the problem by promoting physical activity for mental well-being,” Rodriguez and De Giorgio said.

Will these guys be sore? Yep.
Will they get ripped? Probably not.
Will they quit? Hell No!!

Your support is welcome in any form:
You could give them a high five, perhaps compose them an epic new theme song to work out to, but really they just need your cold hard cash money. Your Mula. That sweet Cashola. Your Benjamins.
By donating to this great cause and you’ll keep these two pushers pumped to be pushing it real good, every day of this challenge.

Click to donate HERE

Or if you’re feeling even remotely athletic why not have a push yourself?

It’s easy to Register to start your own fundraiser for the cause.

And don’t freak out if you don’t have to do them all the push ups in one hit, you can do it at your own pace.

Every push counts and every dollar makes a difference so participate now, or push off!
Please give till it hurts.

If you’d like to support the cause in any other way, please contact Roy De Giorgio at

One push for man, one bigger push for mental health