Once upon a time there was a little commercial made by Cummins&Partners for Specsavers


The most recently released iteration of Specsavers iconic ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ series actually began production in May of 2017. Lovingly crafted over the following months by production company Sixty40, it would ultimately be held back from release, perhaps never to see the light of day. After almost four years on the shelf, it now makes its way onto Australian screens, much to the delight of its creators.


Says Heath Collins, creative director, Cummins&Partners: “This was such a fun project, so beautifully and painstakingly made, it was fairly heartbreaking when we heard it was to be held back from release. Whilst the client has since moved on and more in-house, we remain great fans of the brand, so to see it finally go live is an amazing reward for the crew who put it all together. It makes me very happy.”

Says Simon Robson, Director: “This project was a rare blend of a killer idea and a beautiful style. What animation director wouldn’t want to bring an idea to life in that vintage style we all have so much love for? Fred & I worked with a wonderfully talented animation and production team, who gave us fire-power to get exactly what we wanted from the character performance. The process with Cummins & Partners was only ever about making things better and about doing everything we could to land the idea. This truly is one of the greats from my career.”


Agency: Cummins&Partners
Creatives: Heath Collins & Liam Jenkins
Senior Producer: Carole Sinclair
Group Account Director: Marnie McKenzie
Integration Manager: Dominique Grainger

Production Co: Sixty40
Directors : Simon Robson & Fred Venet
Post-Production Co: Heckler
Illustration: Fred Venet and Alex Mouron
Senior Producer: Charu Menon
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Music and Sound: Rumble Studios