OMO launches Peggy the smart peg to take the chore out of washing via J. Walter Thompson


Peggy key features omo version (1).jpgAustralian laundry detergent brand, OMO, has teamed with J. Walter Thompson Sydney to launch ‘Peggy’; the world’s smartest clothes peg, developed in Australia as part of OMO’s ‘real play’ marketing strategy. 


Aimed at lightening the load for families and to get children actively playing, Peggy informs users of the best time to do the washing according to a range of weather indicators.  Taking familiar design cues from a vintage timber peg, it can monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and UV sunlight. Peggy also takes the macro weather data available from weather forecasting services and combines them with micro weather data to provide accurate drying times and weather indicators relative to your family home. Peggy then notifies families of these changes and updates via push notifications, in a bid to free them up for the moments that really matter.

J. Walter Thompson Sydney ECD Simon Langley said Peggy had been specifically developed as a real and practical way to bring the OMO ‘Real Play’ strategy to life as part of its Dirt is Good mission.


Says Langley: “Peggy exists to make the washing experience as smooth and easy as possible. We’ve all been there; hung the washing out only to have it rain, or forgotten about a load we’d put on, finding it a day or so later with that unmistakeable smell. Washing is a chore at the best of times, but having to do it twice is an annoying inconvenience. If we can give families an hour back on the weekend that’s a win.”

Paul Connell, marketing director, Unilever Laundry and Homecare ANZ said Peggy’s launch in Australia was based on new research that revealed parents want to spend more time playing with their child, rather than everyday chores. 

Says Connell: “In an average week, Australian families do one load of washing per day and this figure increases in the school holidays to almost 8 loads per week.

“In today’s complex and hyper-connected world, we believe brands have a responsibility to create and lead for positive change. OMO’s commitment is to finding ways to help lighten the load for parents and getting children developing to their full potential through play. I see innovation and being open to explore solutions like Peggy as key to us achieving this. We’re excited to see how Australian families react and the potential for Peggy to play a bigger role in increasing our positive social impact.”


Says Jay Morgan, group digital CD, J. Walter Thompson Sydney: “Peggy is another example of how we’re applying innovative new technologies to our client’s briefs. Ideas like this not only garner interest and engagement from our client’s customers but they add new value to their business outside of successful marketing campaigns.  Brands are strongest when they’re not only talking about their purpose but actively demonstrating it through innovation and new product development. It’s been a great journey developing the product with our client, who are excited about the future potential of Peggy and the role she plays in the home.”


Billed as the world’s smartest peg, Peggy is currently being tested by a range of households in Australia. While it is still in the BETA phase, OMO is calling on families who want know more about Peggy, to register their interest at


Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sydney

Simon Langley – Executive Creative Director

Jay Morgan – Group Digital Creative Director

Will Edwards & Chris Badger – Creative Team / Associate Creative Directors

Angela Morris – Executive Planning Director

Carly Yanco – Senior Planner

Milly Hall – Group Account Director

Isabelle Udall – Account Manager

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