Olympian Alanna Kennedy helps Cadbury empower girls in sport in new campaign via Ogilvy

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Olympian Alanna Kennedy helps Cadbury empower girls in sport in new campaign via Ogilvy

As anticipation mounts for the forthcoming Olympics, Cadbury, in collaboration with Australian football star and Olympian Alanna Kennedy, is proud to announce the next phase of its Women in Sport campaign developed by Ogilvy Australia, aimed at celebrating and encouraging the participation of young girls in sport.


Kennedy is not only preparing for her third Olympic appearance; she is proud of the role she plays in inspiring the next generation of female athletes and keeping girls in the game.

In Australia, alarming statistics reveal that one in two girls drop out of sport by age 15, while less than 10% of sports media coverage is dedicated to women. To address this disparity, Cadbury has embarked on an interactive campaign designed to spotlight young female athletes and give them the recognition they deserve. Central to this initiative is the creation of custom AI-generated “athlete posters,” allowing families and friends to celebrate the young female athletes in their lives.

To kick off this campaign, Kennedy surprised 13-year-old Canterbury footballer Madison Theivendram and her father on an Alexandria street corner with a heartwarming unveiling of personalised “athlete posters” featuring Kennedy’s poster and Madison’s own personal poster side by side.

Olympian Alanna Kennedy helps Cadbury empower girls in sport in new campaign via Ogilvy

Reflecting on the profound impact of this initiative, Alanna shares, “Research has proven that when young girls are proactively celebrated and encouraged to stay in sport, it greatly reduces dropout rates in the crucial age of 15. This innovative tool gives families and friends a truly unique way to celebrate young female athletes and encourage ongoing participation in sport. And witnessing Madison’s joy upon seeing her name and photo on her own outdoor ad reaffirms the power of any sort of visibility in advertising and the media, and even on their own bedroom walls!”

Kennedy emphasised the core purpose of the campaign: “Encouraging friends and families to support young female athletes reduces dropout rates in sport, so girls can reap all of the rewards of sport that their male counterparts enjoy, such as skills, well-being, leadership, and lasting friendships. Increased visibility of female athletes in the media inspires girls to pursue their athletic dreams.”

Kennedy shares her personal journey and the importance of representation in the media: “Growing up, the absence of female athletes in ad campaigns and sports coverage was glaring. This lack of representation made it challenging to envision myself succeeding in sports. I even had a poster of a Premier League male player on my wall because I could not find posters of female athletes. It’s imperative to change this narrative now to ensure that every young girl sees herself reflected in the world of sport.”

Says Kathy DeLullo, director, marketing excellence at Mondelez International: “Cadbury is proud to support our Olympic and Paralympics teams and spearhead initiatives that promote our athletes and encourage participation in sport, from the elite level through to grassroots community clubs. By amplifying the visibility of female athletes and rallying community support for our stars and our future stars through our Cadbury brand, we hope to foster an ongoing connection for girls in sport and help empower and inspire them to pursue their athletic aspirations at all levels of the game.

Kennedy encourages supporters to participate in the campaign: “Join us in celebrating the future stars of women’s sports! Visit posters.cadbury.com.au, upload a photo of your favourite athlete, and surprise them with a personalised poster.”

Fans can visit posters.cadbury.com.au to upload a photo of themselves, and a customised digital poster, including a new Green and Gold filter celebrating the upcoming games, will be generated and emailed to them for printing and social sharing.

In addition to supporting athletes at all levels, Cadbury has a rich history of championing grassroots programs and initiatives that empower female athletes. From national Women in Sport programs to community grants celebrating volunteerism, Cadbury remains dedicated to fostering inclusivity and excellence in sports.

Cadbury proudly sponsors the Australian Olympic Team and counts esteemed athletes such as Madison de Rozario, Patty Mills, Emma McKeon, and Molly Picklum among its official ambassadors.


Olympian Alanna Kennedy helps Cadbury empower girls in sport in new campaign via Ogilvy

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