WA Oasis Committee shines the spotlight on the Oasis Ball’s core purpose through Oasis House visit

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In early March, more than 25 key WA industry representatives attended the Salvation Army’s Oasis House to learn more about the charity’s efforts to help support disadvantaged youth.


Co-ordinated by the Oasis Committee, the industry gathered at Oasis House in Mirrabooka to learn more about how the industry’s fundraising efforts have supported Oasis House which is designed to provide young people affected by parents’ or guardian’s alcohol or drug addiction a safe and stable environment and help them transition to independent living.

Oasis Committee Chair Michelle Testa said: “We wanted old and young, large and small, networked and independent to come together to sit and feel, to sit and listen, to sit and be motivated. Importantly, we wanted this small group to be the changemakers, be the carriers of the purpose back to their own teams and organisations.

“We have an ambition raise $150,000 to support The Salvation Army and Oasis House at this year’s Oasis Ball but we also wanted to remind the broader industry beyond this one evening that we are a force for good, we can have a positive impact on our community and this is why we invited the industry to attend Oasis House, why we have created a video to spread the word of the work we are doing. I’ve been beyond thrilled to hear the stories of the morning getting back into offices and the shift in broader understanding of what we are aiming to achieve. It is a powerful moment to realise just how much our industry can do beyond our day-to-day work for clients to create very real and meaningful change.”

The Salvation Army’s Oasis Project supports young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are marginalized and disadvantaged, many of whom have been sleeping rough, couch surfing, or living in unstable and unsafe arrangements. The primary focus of the Oasis Project is Oasis House in Mirrabooka, but funds raised also support a range of initiatives aimed at providing these young people with a safe, supported, and sustainable accommodation option, empowering them during their transition to independent living.

During the visit to Oasis House, attendees heard first-hand experiences of how the existence of the Oasis House, and other initiatives provided by the Salvation Army, changed their lives. Previous recipients of Salvation Army care, Zac and Minnie, shared the personal stories of bouncing between foster care providers from birth, living on the streets, drugs and alcohol addiction to just get by before The Salvation Army was able to provide them with a bed and a place to call home, thanks to funds raised by the WA advertising industry via the Oasis Ball.

“The visit to Oasis House was important to really remind our industry of what the Oasis Ball’s core purpose is and that is to connect our industry with our broader community and play a very real role in creating a better society that looks out for our young people and helps them when they need it,” added Testa.

You can hear from attendees on their experience attending Oasis House in the video above.

The Oasis Ball, now in its 27th year, will be held on Friday 17th May at Crown Towers and features the Campaign Brief WA Awards amongst entertainment, experiences and many more ways for more than 900 guests to contribute towards the Oasis Committee’s fundraising goal of $150,000. The event is 95% sold out but some tickets are still available so get in quick.

Credit: The Oasis Committee would like to acknowledge the team at Moonsail and sister company Sundeck Productions for their support in filming and producing such a heartfelt piece to share with the industry.